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(Dear customers, please note:Recently we found that criminals are not fully functional in the online sale of pirated and purchasing procedures with the virus in order to deceive customers,the company has acquired evidence of infringement,will be held criminal liability for their actions,buying pirated program and used to make commercial operations site will be prosecuted rights reserved,if you wish to purchase our products, please contact us directly,and signed a licensing contract with us )


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RM2800 Lifetime Edition exclusive authorization Malaysia(3.0)(chinese/english switching)

*Restrictions Valid until1/10/2013(Including the value of freeRM688 gold space )


 It takes only a key can be done to buy more than 15 above China's leading wholesale website include“Taobao, ebay,Vancl,Shishangqiyi ,Blemall, no5,  Paipai, Panli,amazon,dangdang,newegg,jd,mbaobao,etc”,popular point is that you need to find someone to help buy goods,probably because you can not buy this product at local,or is this the price of local products more expensive than in other regions.Help people to buy goods from China, then shipped to foreign countries via courier,thisi is the common procurement format . Through procurement,You can search for any one shopping website  in China shopping website,and without RMB,use our own money work as payment,you can have all country goods are on your finger , absolutely fast and convenient!

  • of our exclusive ?
  • A. You can choose unlimited, purchase domestic goods online
  • B.You can use the ringgit, dollar, euro or other country's money to shopping
  • C.You can receive your parcel in 10 working days 
  • D.You can return your parcel once have flaws 
  • E.You can have our friendly procurement customer service to help you and for you to answer any questions encountered during domestic shopping.


  • what case, they choose procurement?
  • A. Like to use China product or service  as a habit,or preference for a particular brand of goods,and ask us to help buy since the product is hardly to find or not exist in that country.
  • B.Specialty materials, books (especially the Chinese version) or equipmen.Example,specialized books or materials that need in Universities or research institutions ,you can search the site in China to get sales information。
  • C.Fashion:China always get the latest fahsion trend,popular music, poster and others.
  • D.Price advantage:Because of low in domestic labor, lower production costs,so the prices will be much lower; at the same time, it provide customer to save their money.
  • E.Cloth advantage:Foreign clothing sizes generally larger,and it does not conform to oriental shape, but in domestic websites ,we can found the cloth that we like in any pattern or even size easily.
  • F.Buy product that in an auction ,example, Taobao,ebay.
  • G.Buy present to parents or friends:Only need to fill up the receiver's name and address,procurement service will deliver your parcel to your friends or parent .



Procurement demo website:

More information,kindly contact to our customer service, thank you!

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