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Establish a correct and positive attitude is very important for the seller . Especially when the goods sold , with the question, whether the buyer or the courier company's problems should be solved in time, can not be avoided , shirk . Actively communicate with the buyer as soon as possible to understand the situation , try to make the buyer feel that he is respected and valued , and to propose solutions as soon as possible . In addition to outside money transactions between buyers should also allow buyers to feel satisfaction and pleasure of shopping .

As a seller also need to have enough patience and enthusiasm. We often encounter some buyers, like in the end of the inquisitor asked . This time we need to have enough patience and enthusiasm , careful reply , which will give the buyer a sense of trust . Never can exhibit impatience , even if they do not buy to also say "Welcome to the next visit ." If your service is good enough, maybe there is not a next time .

Bargain buyers also often encountered in nature bargain buyers can understand. Within the acceptable range of each other can make the appropriate point , if it does not work and should tactfully rejected. Such as " I'm really sorry , did not make you satisfied , I will fight hard to improve" or another point of view to guide buyers to make her feel this product has value goods , it will not be too concerned about price. You can also suggest buyers to shop around first . Anyway let buyers feel that you are sincere enthusiasm . I should never say that there is not a counter-offer , no other injuries buyer esteem discourse .


As the saying goes , " remarks to three winter , verbal abuse, assault June cold " , a "Welcome ", " Thank you, patrons ," just words , but can allow customers to sound very comfortable.

Courtesy to visitors, so that artists really feel the " God" of respect, buyers come, first-come a "Welcome , please take care ." Or " Welcome, ask what you can do for you ." Sincere compliments , "said ," it will give people a very warm feeling. And can cultivate their feelings , so famous psychological resistance will weaken or disappear.

Sometimes customers just casually look to the store , buy sincerity perhaps not so strong , perhaps just a piece of knowledge of the product, we also sincerely thank the people say: "Thanks to visit us ." For courteous , polite extraordinary seller, no one will shut out . Sincere thanks is a psychological investment , without great expense . But you can receive very good results.

In fact, the most critical communication process is not what you say , but how you speak. Let us look at the following examples of small details , to feel the effects of different argument : "you" and "MM You " , the former regular kind , the latter is more intimate. "No ," and " Oh, really sorry " ; " Grace " and " good no problem ," the former are stiff , the latter is more humane . "Do not accept in person " and " I'm sorry I'm usually very busy and may not have the time and you personally , you understand , oh ," I believe we all thought that the latter is more acceptable tone . Use more polite attitude , humble tone, and buyers will be able to successfully establish good communication.

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