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Mistake one : not warm

If you are a customer , met a cold call , what would you think? Money to buy cold shoulder , who can not stand estimate . So for the customer service staff, not warm, indifferent attitude of the sales of the most taboo , no matter what you encounter , they should not be brought to work which personal emotions , to understand and gas to make money .

Mistake two: impatient

As a salesperson , patiently communicate with different consumers is very important , maybe the problem is already familiar to you can not be familiar with, but for other people, maybe he did not understand, explain what is the big deal about it ? Or that some customers really too much trouble , problems continue , the attitude is also very poor , but as a customer service officer , he said, is to give you patience . In fact as long as they found you , how many of you are always a little interest in the product or service , or who have nothing to do deliberately came to find your stubble Yeah ? Conversely think we 're as consumers, and certainly hope to ask very clearly want them to patiently answer , is not it ?

Mistake three: too absolute

Modern market is a buyer's market , similar products , the same products, the same price products very much, so any products are not absolute good , there is no absolute bad , since so many consumers find our products , we must objectively tell consumers , so that consumers know that you are doing in the sense of the product , rather than pompous boasting to deceive each other.

Mistake four: find reasons

The following three points may be more for their customer service staff , one of which is to find the reason. People always make mistakes , whether it is life or work, making mistakes is not terrible , the key is how you make a mistake in the attitude is to learn or find reasons to absolve itself everywhere . As an employee, the boss will look down on you , as the entrepreneur, this is more than a good habit , saying , find a successful way to find reasons for the losers , because success is summed up in a time of constant failure out .

Mistake five : Do not bear responsibility

As a boss, and you certainly want their employees to dare to take responsibility , as an employee, you should also know that the boss is like any one dare to bear responsibility for employees , even if you will therefore be punished , but in fact you have in the minds of the boss left a good impression.

Mistake six: no summary

No summary , it does not improve, because only summarize , will find their strengths and weaknesses , will know what to do , what not to do , what not , what to do good , why do well , especi ally as a name of online shopping customer  service staff , summing up the work is very important !  

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