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First type: selling services
If you have your own skills, then you can make money by selling services on the network. For example, you understand the development process, software development can do to make money. Mass software such as QQ, Baidu know bulk software, like last year, there is the fire station group software. The software prices are generally a few hundred to a thousand dollars, for example, last year I bought the software base station is 598, but there is the Extreme Edition 2098, I added the aftermarket group is (13 groups), then according to this record, has sold more than a thousand sets of the, at least hundreds of thousands of income already.

Of course, the program is not limited to selling services, if you know art, you can also help others to beautify the site orders. If you are going to write articles, post on the Internet can help people write soft, and now more and more people begin to pay attention soft, soft paper with the development of the industry, I believe the future prospects of soft paper will get better and better.

Second type: selling products


If you have your own physical products , trying to make money on the Internet , then you can make money by selling their products on the network . Such as bidding, open Taobao shop , etc., can be said in this population is very much on the network . And earn a very multi- month 10,000 . I think on the network through the promotion of their products to make money , you need to master the ability of the following three :

First: At least proficient 1-2 kind of promotion method that can obtain a higher flow rate ; no traffic equals no customers, even impossible deal.

Second : There is a good platform . Customers , you need a display platform , to allow customers to know about your product . This platform can be its own independent website , or by means of open Taobao Taobao shop and so on.

Third : There is a good conversion capabilities. Conversion capacity can be said that there is a top priority , which is directly related to how much money you can . Has its own independent website owners would need to beautify the site , improve the web browsing speed to improve the experience of the user to obtain a good conversion . If Taobao shop , then you need to have a good product page , a good customer service, thereby to induce customer transactions .

Of course , if you do not have a certain capacity above , or that do not have a three capabilities , but have their own products , if you can not make money on the Internet it? The answer is no. This case , I suggest you can use the " outsourcing" to sell their products. Such as Amoy , such shipping, worse still some network team to direct please help you promote , they will help you make the platform and network marketing, but you just have to let a portion of the interest and provide sources on the line. Although this form will have your own little part of the interest , but relatively speaking would be easier , and the effects of a professional team and will be better than you own one. Now this way of making money on the Internet is also a lot of people .

There are many ways to make money online today, just about to say a few ways to make money , there are many ways to make money not mentioned here , but no matter what way to make money , I think it can be summed up as ten words " positioning, learning , planning, implementation, optimization, " as long as we believe that intentions to perform these ten words , will be able to earn a fortune of their own on the web .


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