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First, the hardware is good,it is hard reason

Make sure your computer and the speed at the advanced level in many buyers , you can not reach the top , at least have the upper . If your computer indicators failed , Computer City, and quickly ran up a first -class , followed by reading the article it. Meanwhile , try to use a faster browser, such as Firefox , Maxthon , etc., despite the different browsers , such as the difference between the speed of bringing Liu Xiang , Roberts gap of 0.01 seconds as minimal, but 0.01 seconds is the outcome of the boundaries , that can not be vague.

Second, fully prepared

Remember, skillful instant kill concept of time , not in seconds smallest timing unit . Once turning the mouse wheel , and a subtle wink gap of 0.1 to 0.01 seconds , and the product may be missed . Fully prepared to work is an effective way to prevent chicken ball dropped . First spotted want to get the product , note the exact start time, then you can forget the fear of a good tune your alarm clock half an hour earlier than the best network log on . Before the shooting to confirm their status in landing Alipay ample balance , do not forget that each product in addition to price , to be plus shipping.

Three , all in one

Special Tips, instant kill , and other products online shopping procedures vary , not to take prevail , but in the final payment shall prevail. Do not think you can relax photographed , multi few eyes will not blink . Before the spike is about to begin , as soon as the product page refresh . Purchase immediately jump to see the words , then do not be ignorant, to be like a conditioned reflex to begin the next step speed limit . Remember, when selecting shipping address , delete the extra addresses in advance , remaining valid one , several rows of the address bar , and drag the mouse to select web pages and consider unnecessary time and dues go . Time payment , Paypal password should be short, and abnormal skilled. This is the wrong time because of confusion and may come to naught .

Four , and worked hard for a thousand days

Encyclopedia legendary name for shoe leash effort is how come ? Of course, out of practice . Suggested less skilled buyers can complete the program and segmented simulation exercises . Segmented including accelerated training exercises can be a weak link , and fingers , eye coordination and other basic skills. Those conditions can also use a stopwatch , so you can have a defect on the various aspects of precise estimates for improving the speed of great help.

Five. instant kill is the ultimate fun

What is the highest level of the killer ? Paodingjieniu says is: full of God movement, the knife into the cow itself if " there is no thick into the room " and ease. It seems that everything needs passion domination in order to mobilize the greatest potential , words that are true.

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