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First, the value of goods

Five factors that affect the evaluation of the buyer , this is the most important. Buyers to buy goods , but also the most valued commodity is not reached its expected value . However, the share of heavy favorable rate impact is far lower than you would like , only 45%, mainly as a seller should reasonably priced , you do not let the price buyers caused him to lose feeling cheated after receiving the goods

Second, communication skills

According to the analysis of customer sales skills accounted for about 35 %, which fully demonstrates the importance of customer service . Customer service attitude , expression, tone, sales techniques , and after you shop , etc. , received on the final plays a very important role, but it is controllable, as the customer service staff should not be the most negative emotions with to work.

Third, the product packaging

Product packaging should be beautifully neat , because buyers for the first impression of your product is very important influence in this part of the account about 10 %. In particular, some more expensive products, packaging must be better . Buyers will think your brand is great value for money, but also reflects your respect for him , so the packaging is easy to overlook and should not be neglected element , like a nice person does not fit wearing a pretty clothes , so this must be the first to do the senses .

Fourth, logistics factors

This is the easiest to let buyers lose patience and give the reasons for the Poor . Logistics is the place most likely to cause problems , such as slow delivery , courier service attitude is poor, damaged packaging , no delivery and so on. But part of the final influence of only 7%. Of course, although the proportion is low, but to do good for .

Fifth, other factors

In praise of the factors that influence buyers , there are some other factors irresistible . As recently seller in a bad mood , this part of only 3 %. Can be seen from the data , the impact of a reputation for customer service is a very big shop . Your service is equal to the value of the product part . Commodity itself, you can not change the value of the other factors that affect the product packaging is relatively small. Therefore, the controllable customer sales , the use of good techniques which can change many of the original becomes the difference in assessment evaluation.

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