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Last night in a group chat with many owners , it comes during one topic: the old station and the relatively new station , I inserted the sentence , so how old station called the new station , the industry's only three stations : Live Station , dead stop , more dead than alive .

Live station , as the name suggests is to have vitality website has some influence in the local or national level , reasonable revenue , profitable , there is a certain prospects and goals. Even some of the founders shortly fledgling site because accurate positioning, operating a degree, in the short term to get some influence , with all the elements of business operations , and that it can still be included in the list of live stations . Activity station basic elements:

A huge social impact ;

2 , warm interaction ;

3 , a clear business model and profit margins ;

4 , a comprehensive and detailed service system ;

5 , flexible strategies to adjust and improve the product .

Of which the first two are obvious , then three are internal strength, often endless , take a very deep understanding can appreciate.

And some stations, came to earth from the first day had been sentenced to death , the reason can be classified into the following basic points:

1, the position is not clear, not clear ;

2, the operation mode is not clear ;

3, the starting point for doing station itself is wrong ;

4 , chose not appropriate industry or breaking point as a starting point .

And based on the above points , even in the early webmasters can avoid several or even all of them , may still occur because of poor or periodic major policy mistakes which led to the execution or operation of the site to a dead end or is entering a painful half-dead state.

There are many half dead :

The most common one is the station already has a live appearance factor ( the first two ) , but because of the lack of points , making survival become the largest owners of these puzzles, most can not solve the core problem . See out without , at the same time see the site users and businesses jumped , particularly in users and businesses can be found on the website when the business value of their own but could not get a commercial return , which naturally can hardly taste the heart .

While the other is living in two of the world 's half-dead , only a handful of sites affected , but based on the accumulation of resources or operations team owners can still achieve revenue and operating profit , and even some less than one thousand stations based on the average daily PV, still get millions in revenue each year , this income is greater than the flow rate of the phenomenon is probably also a vision of just how many people can understand this process of value obtained is in fact excessive overdraft individuals or groups and even the credibility of the website.

There is also a half-dead stop , obviously there are one to two completely benign condition profit point , but not by a lot of websites profitable bleeding tired, under the overall performance is still horizontal , and the company 's team is extremely large , manage complex, so the burden of payroll managers miserable, but I do not know the pain streamlined, choice, still bite the bullet and go forward until the red stops.

Half-dead stations each have their own living law , also have their own solution :

Lack of profit model , the need for resident populations and hotspots own site analysis to identify the most likely to try to break point ; did not have the resources to online conversion site requires depth inventory , identify breakthrough online content presentation ; plate can not give up too much , of course, is to act decisively immediately executed , quickly eliminating bad business, company resources will be fully available to the profit point ......

May not become a dead stop opportunity to live stations , live station may not be able to immortality , half-dead stations are a lot of opportunities , life and death is only an idea , chance favors only the people who seriously consider .

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