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First, the price level

Monopoly shop presents unique style not only on goods and services , but also in price . General lifestyle specialty shop ( such as grocery stores , butcher shops , bakeries , etc. ) , have adopted the popular price or price levels to suit every buyer needs.

Other non- popular stores, such as clothing , perfume shops , gift shops , electrical shops often take expensive strategy. These stores are often the occasional buyers to purchase and repeated selection of the shop, the shop focuses on whether and rich functionality . Buyers of goods at a price level to evaluate the merits of habit , so to take high-priced strategy will help improve store level , highlights the fact that from my unique style.

It is relatively expensive , so shop monopoly is sometimes necessary to foil a number of low-priced goods . Commodity prices are generally non- exclusive shop are many and complex , giving the feeling of a grocery store , and can not be extreme for the same price shop . Such as watches store watches price from tens to thousands of pieces ranging from block . Actually selling watches mostly between 100-200 blocks. However, if the purchase price in the 100-200 block watches , business is not necessarily good , but extend it to pay between 70-250 block , can meet most buyers , they can cater to the needs of minorities . It should be noted here is that the price is too low or too high commodity attributable smaller scale.

Second, the timely sale

Timely sale of various types of specialty shop is an important pricing strategy , it can adjust the product structure, the disposal of obsolete goods, and stimulate the buyer 's desire to buy by price fluctuations. Grocery discounts : grocery less price-cutting strategy , because people would think the price is due to deterioration of the food 's sake , so that the whole image of the shop unfavorable . But in recent years , due to the increasing competition, faster turnover of goods , coupled with people's preference for fresh food , when they choose to maintain the quality of goods is not standard, but fresh as the standard. Therefore , this food stores began to discount a way to deal with those qualities intact, but not fresh food , price reductions of around 50%, in order to ensure that the food on the shelves is mainly fresh products .

Clothing sale: from the past to the present, is frequently utilized clothing shop exclusive discounts strategy , because the clothing has obvious temporal and seasonal . For obsolete merchandise , its market value is greatly reduced, if not disposed of, will shop in trouble ; For a quarter of a commodity , its market value greatly reduced , because a quarter of goods not in time , had to wait longer to sell next year . But next year is popular , whether marketable still unknown, even promising market , hoarding of goods a year high interest rates will eat all the profits , therefore , discount clothing store sales is inevitable. Clearance sales are not profitable , because the clothing will often bring high profits , sometimes up to 100% profit margin funds , or even 200 percent , even though 20-50 % discount does not mean a loss of sales .

Other specialty shop class in taking discounts policy, you must pay attention to the timing , frequency and speed. For different types of Monopoly shop , selling timing is different. Clothing stores often when going to seasonal promotions ; grocery stores and merchandise related to the preservation period ; jewelers often during the holiday discounts . But there are often some of the practices are consistent , as from the beginning of the weekend mostly extended to one week or two weeks . Frequency generally can not exceed 30 % of the total sales of time , otherwise it will make customers think is a cheap shop, shop monopoly undermine the image and overall business objectives. Reduction is less extensive. Some research data shows that 20% of the price monopoly shop , not attractive to buyers , usually between 30-50 % is more appropriate for a windfall of up to 60-70 % of goods fell by HISHOP shop system , built-in multi- kinds of deals , so you do home sales .

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