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In fact, from an ignorant " network operators" to the success of the " network operators" , during which most of the skills and knowledge needed to study . Summed up a rule: instead of passively waiting , it is better to take the initiative .

1 , clever use QQ, MSN

His own shop address hanging on QQ, MSN and other instant messaging signature. Concerned about your friends , naturally patronize your shop . To his familiar friends recommend their products , most likely to obtain the trust .

2, QQ group

Continuously adding some QQ group , first earned popularity in the group , at the same time to win the trust , and then advertise their shop would be a good decision.

3 , Forum

Bubble forum , albeit time-consuming, but also the most likely to attract customers. You can posts Huitie way , his own shop reproduced in the past. Do not bother, this trick is very useful.

4, Email.

The use of mail to your friends recommend you shop , whether or not demand your friends certainly interested in it.

5 , Classmates .

In Classmates , open shop can write ups and downs , to share with old classmates, this will be a good resource.

6 , Links .

Looking for different products and shop owners do hot phenomenon Link , will get a windfall .

7 blog

Home hanging in the shop blog advertising , all browsing your blog friends will see this message . Blog marketing will be the development trend of the Internet , please " network operators" take advantage of opportunities .

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