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Server hosting is the speed in order to improve access to the site, your hosting server and related equipment to the network data with perfect room facilities, high -quality network environment , abundant bandwidth resources and operational experience as well as on the user 's network and equipment for real-time monitoring in the center , in order to make the system safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation purposes . Managed by the customer's own servers for maintenance, or remotely maintained by other authorized person .

Data centers can provide our customers the bandwidth critical server cabinets and rental services , so that the server can be maintained seven days a week , all the endless round the clock service . When you intend to build their own Web, Email, Ftp, SQL Server , and the application of your site is very complex or very high access rate of your site , you can choose to buy their own servers for hosting machine .

When a user intends to have its own Web, Email, FTP, SQL Server , etc. , there are two ways: First, self-built , two is hosting. Self requires a high level of hardware and software professionals, to put greater resources for the purchase of hardware and software , but also paid no cap on daily maintenance and line communications, 365 days a year uninterruptible power supply costs, hardware firewalls and other expenses, construction period is longer . In comparison, hosting the economic, efficient and practical.

The basic mechanism of action is Internet client / server (Client / Server), the biggest feature is the inter-temporal and cross-regional . In other words , even apart, as long as we are on the network , the two sides can communicate directly , which provides us with an important technical means : Remote Control (RemoteControl). Technical foundation server hosting and produced depends mainly means " user / service" and "Remote Control " and other mechanisms. That no matter where our customers , as long as access to the Internet , you can be far away in the horizon of the server control , enabling the server owned and maintained .

Server hosting advantages, there are six advantages !

A cost savings

Line : Enterprise Netcom does not have to hire expensive lines, data centers can be shared or exclusive high-speed bandwidth.

Second, the staff and field

Officers: weather consulting maintained by professional and technical personnel center , eliminating the expense of maintenance personnel . Scene: the perfect functioning electricity , air conditioning , monitoring and other equipment to ensure enterprise servers , saving a lot of room construction costs . Flexibility: Users needed flexibility to select lines, data ports, and value-added services provided by the center . Functional limitations are not subject to hosting services , you can configure the server according to the actual need for flexibility in order to achieve full application purposes.

Third, stability

Host will not be shared host , caused by overloaded , resulting in server performance degradation or paralysis. In separate host environment , you can program your own behavior and strict control, precision test , the stability of the server to the highest .

Fourth, the Security

When shared hosting for different users have different privileges , which a security risk. In separate host environment, you can set up your own host authority, the freedom to choose a firewall and anti -virus facility .

Fifth, exclusive of

Shared hosting is a shared resource , so the server response speed and connection speeds are slower than the standalone host . The host can choose their own independent enough network bandwidth and other resources, and grade servers , thus ensuring the host response and high speed networks .

Machine hosting and virtual hosting What is the difference ?

Server hosting business can be broken down into the machine hosting and web hosting.

"Machine hosting " with the Internet is having a real network environment connecting companies to place a server , or renting a server, customers can remotely control the server is configured to WWW, E-mail, Ftp servers. "Virtual Host " means: to a UNIX machine's hard drive or NT systems draw fine , after the breakdown of each hard disk space can be configured as an independent www domain names and IP addresses , email, FTP server. Such a server, been browsing , do not see it is a host system resources shared with others . On this machine users can rent space by remote control technology , such as remote login (telnet) file transfer (FTP), full control of part of the space that belonged to him , such as the downloading of information, applications configuration , and so on . "Virtual Host " in this way has a separate site , the cost performance is much higher than their own construction and maintenance of a server , the current approach is to build more and more sites are enterprises and institutions adopted .

Machine hosting " The advantage is that users can have full control of the host , according to its own characteristics , to develop their own network services. Has its own WWW servers worldwide publish their business information , so that others share , play shaping corporate image , marketing products and services, the role of advertising , but also contribute to the construction of Chinese information resources on the Internet a force while also subtly so that enterprises have introduced an electronic version of the company owns its own Email Server , you can make yourself employees have their own e-mail address , both to meet the communication needs of each employee 's privacy can be protected effectively ; has its own FTP server , allowing customers to transfer from the Internet directly to a large number of files and software , which is convenient and economical. strengthen after-sales services for the enterprise provides a new means.

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