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First, the corporate culture, has a memory

I think we all know McDonald's, McDonald's why the kids like to eat it ? McDonald's image of style fascinated children , so that children have a profound memories. Just been to McDonald's kids will remember it , so as to achieve the purpose of secondary consumption. McDonald's is how to do it ? The reason is that McDonald's has a strong corporate culture. McDonald's in terms of color decoration , the application of strong color contrast. Entertainment , children's play area is set to launch children's toys. Diet, there are delicious fries. Image side, there is funny like Ronald McDonald . The strong cultural heritage and impressive , so as to achieve sales continued.

Online sales is the same reason , many sellers have established their own culture. Picture Style setting them through all aspects of cultural heritage reflects the product and brand story , so photos with Memory . We all know that one called " Aka " shop , this shop is very successful , the corporate culture has done very much in place . It is a " retro " word throughout the entire shop , both in terms of store decoration and text descriptions are based on the "retro " and open. Into Acre shop like into a retro world . Just read a Askar shop , it will be retro infected unknowingly will remember this shop . Shopkeepers , your product will give a kind of corporate culture? How do you pass Cultural allow buyers to generate memories of it ? This requires us to ponder .

Second, the difference image

We need to build corporate culture, so that photos have memories of . How can we do that? I remember someone said to me saying: " make the market , they do differences ." This sentence accompany my entire career . I have to , " Yin Man " This brand example. In fact, this is done before the South Korean fashion brand , product style was too similar products, market competition and incentive , thus ushered in tremendous pressure in terms of sales . 2011 , " Yin Man ," redefine the corporate culture , from the previous Korean pop style to a unique national style. This unique style is unprecedented and innovative, look to jump out from the online market has become thriving. Due to the difference of the ingenious application , so that the " Yin Man " was a huge success in the sales chart listed in the forefront. This example tells us that when we lose direction or similar products of too much, we do market differentiation .

I have met many different types of shopkeepers , some shopkeepers met said : "I want to imitate the style of a home , but also exactly the same ." Usually this type of product is difficult to sell the owner explosion . Despite being sold burst is short-lived , and finally prodding . Why is this so ? Because their style is no market differentiation, without its own corporate culture, once rivals launched a price war , they will be in an awkward situation , and ultimately fail. Such shopkeeper is only suitable for short sellers , the seller can not be the ultimate sustainable development . In 2011 , a shopkeeper in Hangzhou and I talk about cooperation . He has tried numerous times to shoot , but sales have not gone up . He let me re-packaging of a new style. Through research, the level of his shop photo shoot pretty good . But the shop 's image is no difference , too much of the same style of the market, no clothes photos stand out , resulting in the promotion of no advantage. Through analysis, we try to shoot an as yet appeared in the style of the magazine retro style. After the image replacement , he sold more than 200 pieces from month to more than 5,000 pieces , this is the magic of differentiation .

Third, according to buyers' aesthetic

Choose a new style , find the difference between market oriented . The next thing to do is to thoroughly study this aesthetic style meets current buyers. How to know your own style is consistent with the buyers do ? Just understand the relationship between price and the buyer group will be able to be resolved.

We all know the high price of the product , the corresponding customer is " high ability group of buyers ." Cheap products , the corresponding customer is " buyer group low capacity ." Next, we analyze the differences of the two different aesthetic buyers group , you can find a match shooting style . Usually "high ability group buyers " Most can accept relatively large difference in real life photos . As dreamy , romantic , big , conceptual , avant-garde fashion style. The " low- ability group buyers ' most receiving close to real life photographs , such as street shooting , life, travel , affinity , there smiling style. Example : If you are a student market product sales of clothing, but the effect is the big shot with the avant-garde , it is very mismatched . If you are selling products are luxury clothing , but the effect is random shooting street shooting , this is also incorrect. As long as the product price and the buyer group aesthetic match to make your photos plus.

Fourth, the continuity of the picture

After setting the above three points , we need to establish the continuity of the picture also . If the picture does not do the continuity of style , so that buyers will be disappointed , and thus lose a lot of followers. For example , we all know Iphone mobile phone, it is Apple's very successful product , has a large number of followers. Iphone mobile phone is very focused on continuity , Iphone mobile phone replacement will do innovative small changes in appearance and function of each , keeping buyers on the phone's memory of the previous generation . Every time a new generation of products , buyers are very much looking forward , Apple's new products are not let buyers disappointed. I have a friend around a special collection of Iphone mobile phone, from the first generation to the fifth generation of the phone has . Cases like this , common in the electronics industry , such as Samsung, HTC and other products also use continuity and development of products . Product shot is the same reason , as long as your product continuity and shooting style , your store will have more followers , to keep you purchased the product . Therefore suggest that you once formed their own culture , they do not change , otherwise it will lose immeasurable buyer group . However, in the continuation of the process, can not be static, otherwise the buyer will lose the freshness of your final choice to leave. Continue to do so in style just right . Such as the City of Angels in this respect has been very successful . She and cultural tourism as a whole shop , and then shot through the replacement sites in different countries , to maintain a sense of freshness .

Five pictures related sales

Shopkeepers have this feeling : Suppose you are selling T-shirt , the buyer will also love your home pants, liners, hats and other products. She wanted to be a full- body model with buy them. If you can meet the needs of buyers , you will generate additional revenue , which is associated with the benefits brought by the sales picture . I do not know if you have not found that some shop only one explosion models , other models are selling poorly . And while several others will appear online shop explosion models , and other models sell well. This is because the latter effect associated with the use of the sales generated images . To make association with the product category expanded to meet more buyers group , thereby increasing revenues .

Sixth, the buyer pictures

Network transactions is not seen under the premise real deal, they exist sense of distance and fear. To reach a deal, the buyer should try to eliminate the sense of distance and fear. Buyers show pictures, can better solve the problem. Such pictures can let buyers know the effect of ordinary wear , can promote buyers purchasing behavior.

How to capture buyers show pictures? Some shopkeepers direct employees to wear their own clothing , they take a few photos on the web site free . To do so would hinder product sales, rather than play a catalytic role . Why? Because he felt like photographs defective market. Buyers show correct picture should be shot like this : First , find a professional photographer will be light and scene cloth is good, then the ability to choose the good performance of the model , or their employees. Then let the model holding the camera , constantly performance , constantly self-timer. After the pictures came out , we can deliberately hide the model's face , so that the buyer will have more space for the association , the buyer will be very easy to think it is their own.

Seven, fashion trends

Many shop is described : " The clothing fashion trends, this year's most popular new styles, tastes of women essential clothing ." If we are a buyer , we will be attracted by such descriptions do ? Obviously, when we buy clothes often ignore such text. This type of writing is usually patterned to look good when the designer layout and hard onto the go. How can we truly reflect the fashion clothing is it ? In this case, a combination of fashion trends point to be able to play a role in Fig . Some smart sellers do , they will search the network this year 's most popular costume pictures, including some of the stars of this year through the latest fashion pictures. By screening to identify with the product closest style pictures . Then paste the picture next to the product and describe . Such a combination of pictures, so that the product has a directional fashion trends , enhance product buyers a sense of trust .

Eight Features Figure

Shoot model diagram , the same piece of clothing in different shooting environments , tend to be different colors . When post-processing, retouching division in order to allow the model diagram updated in line with the theme atmosphere , will take the initiative to make the color bias. Thus , the model figure often kept in color. At this point, we need to be still life diagram shows the product page marked " Still Life Figure colors prevail ." In fact, many shop owners are aware of this problem, but the owner had a clever secret weapon , is to show the functional diagram of the scene . If you still life figure shows clothing colors and materials , it is not convincing. If you can figure scene can show functional side, buyers will be able to impress the inner world . Example : If it is sportswear, still life figure shows through clothing breathable , absorbent , durable , non- fade and so on. If it is a down jacket , warm clothing is showing , down content of the fine workmanship degree. Sometimes clothing can be cut to analyze the composition of clothing . Through various methods , show clothing advantages , promote the buyer's desire to buy.

Nine , flowcharts

Buyers in the purchase process, they will consider whether value for money. If not value , they will abandon the purchase . How to effectively reflect the value of the products it? Materials and production processes are linked by the value of the product normally . Still material in Ituri has been reflected. This link should fully reflect the production process . When filming the production process , with special attention to the complexity of the production , especially since for handmade , to vividly displayed, as it is reflected in the value of the point.

Ten. graphic with pictures

Some shopkeepers in the product description page , simply place a few model figure and landscape map. Page looks very thin and hollow, no focus . Buyers glance at the open page , will not continue to look down . This deal will go to waste . If we can specify the characteristics of the product in the picture simple text , it will effectively retain customers . To remember , not only put a few content pages boring picture , which does not seem professional, not a professional buyers and sellers refuse the transaction .

All for explosion models , usually to develop the habit of analysis , continuous product content page optimization. Define a new style of shooting , not one or two can be successful. The need to constantly explore, careful analysis of the current problems , make their own style gradually built up .

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