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1 , wholesale

This is the easiest and most common ways to find sources , but many sellers will ignore this simple method , and turned to look at the origin of goods . In fact, the initial stages of creation in your shop , if sales of goods amounted to less than a certain amount of words in the local stock market has been fully meet your needs. If your shop is a business clothing, then you can go to some large wholesale purchase of services , the wholesale purchase requires a strong bargaining power , and strive to be awarded to the lowest price , and to establish good relations with wholesalers, in on the question about the transfer replacement and wholesalers to make it clear , to avoid disputes in the future.

Advantages: faster updates , variety

Disadvantages: easy to stock, the quality is not easy to control

For the crowd : there is such a big local market , they have the ability to talk about price certain

2 , manufacturers purchase

Regular manufacturers adequate supply of credit is high, if the long-term cooperation , the general can seek to product replacement. However, higher quantities from the manufacturers , not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough capital reserves , has distribution channels , and there will be no yahuo danger. If you go to friends and relatives around the factory direct purchase , the basic need to worry about the quality of service and other issues , the price is quite reasonable , if a continuous period of time is not good sales shelves can also be a replacement.

Pros: price advantage

Disadvantages: money, stock pressure , a single product

For the crowd: there is a certain economic strength, and has its own distribution channels

3 , wholesalers

General use search engines, such as Baidu can find many of these trade wholesalers. They generally supply directly from manufacturers , supply more stable. Inadequate because they have bigger, more orders , it is inevitable that some services can not keep up . And they have their own fixed and old customers , it is hard , and they talk about the conditions , except when you become their major clients only after there may be discounts and other deals. At the beginning of cooperation on take delivery time, the exchange of goods and other issues clear.

Advantages : adequate supply , select a wide range of

Cons: Service can not keep up

For the crowd: have their own distribution channels, greater sales

4 , brand agents

You can note the regular stores, and to get in touch , there will certainly be a lot to discover . But relatively speaking, direct contact brand dealers , the need for greater purchase amount . The more big brands, the higher its price discounts , the real money , just to get the rebate after the completion of the sales . But if your shop has grown to a certain extent , formalize want to go the route , it would be a good choice !

Advantages: stable supply , the informal channels , is not easy to stock goods

Disadvantages : Update slow, relatively high prices, low profits

For the crowd: make the brand 's flagship store

5 , consignment type supplier

This is the most popular way of most common form of supply . Provide pictures and product introduction by the supplier , the supplier can help sell direct shipping ( shipping ) . For the novice, this approach is a good choice , because all the information is complete commodity , the key to how the goods you sell . However , the choice of supplier , be sure to pay attention to his credibility and quality of the goods , otherwise bad encounter disputes resolved .

Advantages: simple and easy , mouse, even shipments do not have control , get all commissions, low-risk, most provincial funding

Cons: Product does not go through his hands , quality difficult to control, because of the goods may not know enough to communicate with customers more complicated , the operation would not have neutral or negative feedback.

For the crowd : a low-cost venture C2C main shop

6 , exhibitions, fairs

Each sector will be held every year in various exhibitions , such as clothing exhibition , Agricultural Fair , these events are gathered mostly manufacturers. Therefore, when the business has been improvement , but suffer from insufficient supply of good, to participate in the exhibition -related products , contact with the real primary sources, and vendors really daring to establish cooperation , long-term development and growth is very good. Show a variety of industries , B2B will be published on the website in the corresponding meeting date , there is a small trick to attend the show , who want to participate in a professional capacity , with a good business card and identity card , so that manufacturers feel that you are a professional, do business easier.

Advantages: low cost, competitive, stable product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed.

Disadvantages: generally not consignment , need to have some experience in operations and selected goods , capital investment, greater risk.

For the crowd : more solid financial strength .

7 , concerns trade products or OEM products

Many factories in foreign orders outside of the surplus product or some well-known brands of OEM production outside there will be some surplus disposal , the price is usually very low, usually the market price of 2-3 fold , the quality of workmanship is guaranteed, this is a good purchase channels. But generally require the purchase were all eating , so entrepreneurs have economic strength.

For the crowd: there is a certain supply channels, while there is a certain recognition.

8 , buying overstock or clearance processing products

As eager to deal with , such as prices are usually very low , if you have enough ability to drive a hard bargain , can eat a very low price , however, go to the online sales, online sales utilize the advantages of the use of geographical or temporal difference obtained sufficient profits. Eat these products, you want to have the ability to identify quality while to grasp trends and to establish their own distribution channels.

Advantages : Low cost

Disadvantages : a lot of uncertain factors , such as the arrival time, location, size, quantity, quality, and so can not be controlled by their own

For the crowd : suitable for a certain financial strength, a better understanding of this industry

9 , in particular the purchase channels

If you have friends or relatives , you can help the them into some of the domestic market can not see higher prices for goods or products , if you can find someone like into a number of products, brand bags from Hong Kong in Hong Kong or overseas , Some also carry cameras and other electronic products from Japan, into a number of arts and crafts from Russia. If you work and live in the border , you can do a pass out personally purchase, so very characteristic or price advantage.

If they have relatives and friends at home engaged in the manufacture or sale of certain characteristics of the product, you can sell it directly to the Internet , online seldom such a product , so your profit will be great.

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