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1 , shop around

This sentence is a rule of thumb the next line to buy a lot of friends , in fact, used in online shopping is also the truth. Netizens promising one thing not to rush to beat. Copy the commodity name in the search bar to search , to see how the price of other businesses . Buy online the most valued of course, is the price advantage , but if some merchants offer too low, you have to pay more attention , because this business is likely to be a liar businesses , this time you will need to talk with the business , the understanding of the situation If he asks you to use bank transfer or pay a deposit , you can directly off the chat box , because he is a liar 99% of the business .

2, the service

In fact, online shopping is the same with the next line of the purchase , if the owner of the service is good , the higher the credibility of the business , and naturally there will be a lot of friends go to him advice. Many businesses opened shop N years , credibility is still low , it is because the service can not keep up , users are looking to buy something positive those services , have any questions on the consulting business , communicate better than before buying after selling occurs problems go constantly claims. Find reputable online shopping store , guaranteed service team will be better , things are more secure after purchase .

3, Payment

Most people do not reject online shopping, online shopping , but now , people Zuifan payment problems . Payment online shopping now there are three ways : First , bank transfer ; Second , cash on delivery ; Third , the use of third-party payment platform. Look at the pros and cons are several payment options :

1 ) Bank transfer is the most insecure , because you first payment, or when the merchant does not ship goods not board , you do not have to apply for a refund , not to protect their own interests .

2 ) cash on delivery, appears to be the most convenient and secure way to pay , you just get the goods before payment , but generally couriers are asking you to give money to the commodity you after inspection , if you experience when goods are not careful, the application returns beyond the bounds of basic sad .

3 ) the use of third-party payment platforms such as PayPal . General good shopping platform has specialized payment platform , is to pay money to a third party trading platform , received the goods , and you are satisfied, before going to notice the money to pay the seller the platform . This is more to protect the rights of the buyer , and you do not need to rush to the payment to the merchant , the inspection can take a couple of days play money to the merchant to see if the product has no problem , the problem is also easy to apply for refunds , because that money there is also a third party , as long as you have legitimate reasons can apply for a refund .

4 , timely inspection

Are get the goods must inspect the goods in front of the postman 's face is true , the quality is not a problem , there is no damage and the like . But now some of the courier company is not giving you face the demolition of the message, which is too much trouble , so you can only call the courier receipt after the first stay there waiting for you to test finished goods , no problem go. Especially when you are online shopping fragile items , must be face to face inspection , or else had gone before you find something broken, go to the claim or refund is not so easy.

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