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We all know that buyers choose bank transfer or remittance to buy goods , there is a certain risk , if the seller integrity is not good, it is not likely to make receiving shipments thing. But as a seller, whether such a transaction where foolproof , there is no risk?

The first scam:

Ask for the seller's account each other soon to tell the seller after the transfer is successful, requires delivery as soon as possible . When sellers online banking login audit found the system prompts password too many times today have not landed . At this time , the other sent to a transfer successful shots , urging you again despatch . At this time , some sellers will be believed, and could not help each other's urging shipped . Delivery, you fools. In fact, after the stop crooks get your account with the wrong password , so you can not audit . As a successful transfer screenshot naturally forged. Meanwhile, the crooks also has repeatedly said he anxious to these goods, please seller shipped quickly .

The second scam:

Other comments said to buy an item , and leave their own mailbox, I hope you take the bank account linked together with goods sent to his mailbox. After a day or two , the mail will be more than a letter. The title is : There is an interbank payment waiting for your collection . Letters there will be a connection , which means that is a bank 's website. If you click on the link in the past , to see perhaps some online banking with nearly identical page public version . Trap where? To activate the seller in a place called Union functions , including selecting the open cards , card number , password, user name , identity card number input. This is the case do not be fooled. Once you have entered these important personal information , account where the money does not stay too was a point taken away liar .

See through the scam key points:

First: the e -mail sent to the address of generally ordinary registered mail , maybe 163 or 126 .

Second: If the connection site in a secure connection is invalid. Because the fake website is not using https of the line .

So to remind buyers , unfamiliar sites should not enter their bank account information . Once stolen, but lost all the money in the bank account .

The third scam:

Other casual shop in commodity prices after the inquiry , not long on as soon as it is refreshing to know that under your shop alone, and tell you that he is paying , but also installed a novice like to ask something about the online support section of the program . A few minutes later the other side has sent messages to tell the seller pay. Sellers open shop, no payment has been made to see each other succeed and prompt delivery marked , the other has been urging the seller shipped quickly .

This time there will be a free phone number is displayed to the seller's phone played , after answering the other side will say : Hello I am a responsible person in a bank online payment , your shop has just produced a successful payment orders , please You shipped as soon as possible , because our system is not out of the failure to mail and website prompt manner , and for the inconvenience , please understand ! Then tell the seller when there is message to the mailbox . This is certainly a hoax , if shipped fooled . The banking system is not easily problems, it will not be notified by telephone . But will not be displayed with a free phone number to call you . Please be careful seller , be sure to ask .

Below are several other sellers careless use of scam

One is Tim remittances type 0 : 68 ringgit should remittances , remittances but liars buyers only 0.68 ringgit , be more of a 0 , while sellers in online transactions really do not pay attention to see if the query into a 68 ringgit .

Another is a partnership scam: This is a scam mainly for large volume sellers set of . Two different user name while buying price of the same goods at different times notify the seller has money . Actually, only one transfer only. Bank money to see the effect on the seller shipped .

There is another, and that is obviously no money , but send a message to the seller said to have remittances. Maybe there really are no sellers in the case of audit will be shipped.

More than three scam, are an attempt to take advantage of the seller's carelessness purpose to defraud cheat goods . As long as the seller you will not audit a little attention in the move .

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