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Today, online shopping is not only a kind of fashion or trends that , as long as you gently clicking the mouse , you can complete a variety of transactions , and then wait a few days , you can receive your product is received . Compared to the online store, online shopping can be described as save time and effort . More importantly, many types of goods online , price concessions , but also compared with each other screening. So online shopping more and more people of all ages.

However , with various shopping , online shopping needs through online payment , mail order and other programs, so there are many risks and pitfalls difficult to find , sometimes you'll run into money -mail sent to the missing goods , or on the actual product and business pages to see inconsistent and so on. There are some bad or fake reputable businesses reputation, wholesale , on behalf of the Post, in the name of online fraud , Kengpian buyers. Since there is no invoice as evidence , after the buyer had to consider themselves deceived eat Yaba Kui .

How to protect their consumer security? Summarize several common online shopping tricks and traps and teach you strategies and techniques to deal with .

1 do not ship our money

For such people , we must insist on cash on delivery, which is the unspoken rules of online shopping .

2 . Using forged high credit -induced buyers fooled

Do not rush to find the product photographed after the first time to see his registration , look at the credibility of the evaluation , especially to look at the credibility of the evaluation when he opened shop . If you start on a lot of praise , it is likely to brush , untrue . Because normal sellers are experiencing a period of time before the cold slowly developed .

3 . Actual goods and the picture does not match.

This is a situation often encountered online , pictures attractive, but it is a variety of fake after receiving the goods, when this is the case should be returned directly to refuse payment.

4 sets of fake cheap real money .

To learn comprehensive comparison , relatively few goods , services, prices, shipping. The same commodity prices may not be the same. Not just look at the net purchase price of goods , but also comes with its value and service , especially as cell phones, cameras class must have an invoice .

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