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As a buyer, you should pay attention to the following points:
1 , not greedy little cheap , especially cards, also a few cents thing, but it can make you lose more ( human weakness )
2 , be sure to look before you buy the product title product , the best look at the Trade Descriptions ( Here are the stores of effort )
3 , not store your goods sent to the address , usually a liar, remember not to buy ( this is the case , remember , and the owner of goods, say a word, ask to understand in the film , the store will thank you )
4 , do not buy a card issued to a third person , a member of the store name is unique, generally do not trumpet ( card issued to a third party , you must accept the fact cheated because you have an adult , and to be responsible for their actions )
5 , good stuff out of the sky , like the lottery , the chance indistinct small .
6 , novice or just operate Taobao shop near the store , there is a home business , remember you are also a liar set on (mental to think so, go distinction is not really buyers , more exchanges will be able to know that is not true buyers )
7 , note the approximate ID, the number 1 and the letter l like it, long in mind ( recommended friends ready to shop , be sure to take a Chinese name )
8 , please carefully read the title and description of the baby when the baby purchase virtual goods .
Prevention : When purchasing cards, game cards and correctly distinguish the secondary card game
When purchasing QQ: Please carefully ask if the seller of this QQ number has secret security ; secret security are bound by the card ; whether cellphone ; whether a member ; whether recent complaint records, whether mailbox binding
Not to say that with the above characteristics is a liar , just to remind sellers encountered a similar situation to be vigilant !

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