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Bandwidth is a thing you brood seller brains every day , how to attract more buyers to their shops browse it? Novice seller has just started, the flow is an important factor affecting the development , sellers are racked their brains to think of various coup to attract traffic , although its sincere heart , but sometimes because the shop did not set foot deep, do not understand the many pitfalls it contains . And often the most easily caught novice seller . Exactly what trap?

The credibility of the hype

Little Love opened a new shop , but lack of experience, credit rating and only a small heart , although very hard to take care of the shop , beautifully produced goods description , but the frustration is not sold , very upset , one day , Ali Want suddenly sent a message , is a scrambled letters advertising, an idea : This method is very wonderful . Contact the other party started speculation , later verified the existence of the letter behavior speculation , and speculation is cleared reputation, but also extra penalty .

Even more appalling is experiencing a liar , the money has been transferred to the other party clearly through the line , but buyers were also initiated the complaint did not receive the goods , in the absence of evidence of delivery , only refund. Really throw good money after bad ah.

Reminder: Letter to crack down on speculation behavior , speculation will be cleared once the credit check , and could face additional penalties fry a second penalty in accordance with the proportion of speculation . (ps: those who tend to believe the team would be contrary to speculation commitment to defraud money and commissions , to let the sellers both penalties , and loss of money . )

False promises

Little Love found that those most sensitive to attract buyers 'price' nerves with shipping wording , the same goods, set up International 0 ringgit when there are so many buyers are willing to view high traffic . But the new store opened , and small businesses, so many can not afford the postage loss ah. Thinking for a long time , his mind suddenly jumped out an idea : why not learn from others shop , postage all set to 0, but the actual fee plus postage needs in the commodity description, please shoot yourself another buyer link ...... As a result, International links can also earn a lot of credibility. This move to implement less than a week , it is the buyer complaint , ultimately determine the rights established punishment points.

Reminder: the way to attract traffic taboo "Fudge ." Through all kinds of false advertising to lure consumers , not only can not successfully put into volume flow shops , destroy more sad is exaggerated advertising slogan for the seller is likely to lead to " broken promises " complaints punishment outweigh the benefits.

Cheap gifts

Little love for the rapid increase in their credit, while attracting more buyers click Browse shops. Released a lot of 0.1 ringgit, 0.5 ringgit gift merchandise links , and in order to make a gift can also have evaluation, she deliberately publish it under normal product categories.

Just when she was a small coup for his secretly proud of , the sudden loss of her crazy scared orders . Open waiting list orders shipped , thousands pen gift orders. He surprised the . Clearly marked ( single shot is not shipped ) , why would this be? . She had met the "professional shoot bad teacher" on the network , they love to seize a small publishing mistakes , threatening blackmail, poor little love facing either give money to remain silent , or be punished complaints dilemma .

Reminder: This year, anti-fire security Poor . Sellers do not put all the blame on the Internet vulnerabilities , objective point, most sellers can feel at ease to do business because they themselves are doing watertight in all aspects , in accordance with the rules of release of goods , also to save a bad teacher evil beat division opportunity. Although cheap gifts to attract traffic , but there are also risks being bad shot . So, if truly free gifts , it is directly released under other categories , no evaluation is not generated controversy.

Participate in activities

I heard a little love to participate in an official event stores , overnight before bursting traffic volume is turned up a few hundred times, it seems he was on active job , then removed several times , and finally an organic conference active . But activities require the whole network lowest price and free shipping , this product itself no profits, which have to be bleeding down. Although losses have been done , but little love or contact the manufacturer and let them little time to replace the original material material quality , whatever the outcome of these losses can be less .

Due to the low price , plus event marketing , sales Cengceng Shangcuan too small grin Philharmonic straight smile . But not long after , the question arises , new for the poor quality of materials , many customers have feedback problems to return, initiate rights. Some customers are lazy returned directly gave poor ratings . Evaluation of the details in condemning . An event down the shop 's praise rate dropped several points , the dynamic score also from red to green . Finally settled down : not only lost money , but also failed to keep the flow of activity is over, but the store declined compared with the previous deal .

Reminder: Prepare initial activity is very important to have the right to assess their own situation , the amount of various types of business activities have brought about a corresponding estimates. In addition, the activity of very sensitive commodity , " cut corners" , the seller can not remember the order flow from operating activities during the "blowout" chuckle , to know how to flow into the volume is the real key . Only merchandise , good service shops can really keep these " flow " , eventually earning the seller pours . Otherwise, this is nothing more than momentary flow like a gorgeous fireworks , fleeting .

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