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Trap One: they only know to follow suit novice open shop , many people do not know how to open shop, open shop how much ? How to choose the shop platform , the crooks will catch many entrepreneurs online shop quick buck mentality , claiming that zero-cost , no-risk, high-return , release some false information, or to join the venture to attract novices fooled. Notice open shop requires a certain cost , open a physical shop , money is important, at least tens of thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands , plus a variety of advertising expenses , a total figure is probably less than one hundred thousand , relatively easy to open a virtual shop , five hundred dollars you can invest a minimum , so do not believe in " pie in the sky " thing .

Trap two: After the shop opened up, in order to be more attractive shops will choose to shop decoration, there will be some template material to sell online , you need to be cautious when choosing to buy used , wary of false vendors, Taobao had occurred use of shop fitting transaction records tampering case . If you want to own some of the shops and beautiful , you can go to the official website to buy materials , hire a professional to help art decoration is also pretty good .

Trap three : the beginning of the general open shop facing supply problems, then some crooks will pass a variety of ways to put some so-called foreign trade last single wholesale to the treasurer who , after they found that due to the bad quality of the purchase price is too high or , product could not be sold , such scam focused on apparel, accessories , cosmetics and other products . Treasurer to choose sources must have quality assurance , you can choose a famous commodity wholesale market , you can also choose a local farmer's market, where the purchase directly from relatives and friends are more reliable. Bring on the goods when experienced insiders and shop around.

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