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1 , low-cost

The so-called online shopping specifically for manufacturers , especially for the product type, there may be cutting corners , reducing quality, reduce costs , in order to maintain the so-called "cheap ." Currently part of the online shopping platform manufacturers ' models designed for online shopping , " as much as 30 % -40 %.

2 , fakes

Sales in the online shopping platform fake, parallel , cottage or repairing machines , or other kinds of norms no national 3C certification , or receive information on the physical and online worlds apart so -called ultra-low special just lie to you fooled.

3 , Service

There are many categories of goods appliances such as air conditioning , flat screen TV, smoke machines, stoves, water heaters and other appliances semi-finished products , need to be installed after purchase and commissioning . However, many network operators do not own the service due to the ability to sell it just does not work, if the sale encounter maintenance, cleaning , maintenance and other issues, will simply shirk when the " walk away dispensers ."

4 , Promotion

Promotional slogans shouted loud, but in reality to cheat traffic. As very few limited number of limited edition machine , blink sold so that buyers can not buy ; either no goods vacuity cheap , look not buy ; either vacuity original goods then discount ; either come up with non- comparable edge brand " exclusively for models ", claiming people unable to compare cheap ; even with defective inventory , were removed in the new "mix and match " sales.

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