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before open a shop previously, I am on Taobao drill crown of the stores was very admired a lot, people think this is how much effort it took sincere service return, shop at the beginning I thought I have to move in this direction , gradually I understood , because after my shop, I constantly receive brush drill , brush reputable advertising , they found my store.

I remember a man to do brush my reputation Want says: just getting no credit requirements can brush absolutely true , so what you sell , because buyers buy things first is to see your credibility Gao Bugao then left their contact details .

I replied saying : Our integrity management to engage in false ask him to find another home, this man actually gave me a reply : If you do not like this suggestion Taobao joke , others did not see you credibility is still hard to do considering another he seek it . I was angry after watching laughed , put him directly into the blacklist, my integrity management, step by step, and then to have to do not you ? At this point I felt I had to have some drilling, how innocent crown shop admirers stand the idea of ​​the idea , because after he knew , even to brush out the credibility of this advertiser must have seller accepts both worlds and then brush out to deceive buyers of high credibility , visibility I hereby express my feelings after experiencing infection , buyers look after shopping mentality to change , and make it a mature buyer , do not think like a high reputation , maybe he is brush it ? I am honest to a seller 's identity to the buyers responsibility to pay a little suggestions. That says it all Taobao shop in the business, credibility is crucial to them , and some are not very sophisticated network of consumers to choose the degree of credibility is through online sellers , many people are there such a Myth: " the higher the credibility of the network , the better the quality of their baby ." it is not true, this reputation can also be adulterated , would require long-term accumulation of reputation to get a year or more , and now through the " brush reputation" the ways in a week or a shorter time to get , and " brush reputation" has become a huge industrial chain , consumers are likely to encounter an inattentive trap " good faith" located under .

So how do you identify the brush reputable shop ?

After my shop focusing on this understanding , the credit index is only in recent years the rise of the concept , the existing law "credit speculation" and no penalty regulations , currently just stay at the level of moral condemnation , then consumers should be how to prevent " false credibility" to deceive them , to remind consumers , online shopping can not simply look at the credibility of the index , it should be a comprehensive study of the shop ; for example , consumers who shop bought goods which is what the account ID in the purchase ? Currently many " brush reputation" specialists are using a different account for speculation, because of the limited account, they are very efficient use of resources, accounts , each account will be repeated 5-6 times to shoot , so 5-6 points accumulated credit . Taobao delineated within a month with a 5-6 second transaction ID can score , so if its trading documentary short repeated the same account is shot multiple times, then store credit would suspect a lot of speculation ; while You can point to open a successful transaction each item from the buyer for the contents of the product can also be seen in the credit assessment of speculation , to determine the combination of these two would be more effective . Also worth mentioning is the virtual trading , you can look up how many virtual trading , then the owner of the shop to see now there is no virtual goods sales , if not necessary to pay attention , this is the safest way to brush reputation , namely Taobao is drilled loopholes , because Taobao as virtual trading points , such as the high reputation of his sub shop he terminated the reputation of natural trading , as do virtual bound not to make money , he only just leave nothing to achieve the purpose brush reputation .

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