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Many people shop online to do business when the heart is always thinking: his own shop , decoration , quality of goods and people , as they purchase together , why some earn laugh , some venues tend to lose badly , if you do not understand the subtleties I hope the following can shop purchase experience to help you . As long as you pay attention to a few points in the wholesale goods can be :

First, according to their preferences arrival

Most are women shop for clothes because they like shopping, like clothing , buy clothing have experience , so he opened clothing store . In fact roadkill is open clothing store novice , all made ​​the first taboo : according to their own likes and dislikes purchase. Do you like does not mean others like ; you like does not mean the market like ; position does not mean you love your shop . While the goods are all carefully selected good stuff , but the style is messy , looks like the grocery store, good becomes sub-standard goods . So , do the clothing has earned all the laity, in their eyes, their only proper , is the best. Shop is the most difficult to find out who he is.

Second, lazy

Do a little success, as to 13 lines , the train , went straight to the destination, conversational directly to businesses , sweeping the goods, sent out, leisurely afternoon , leisurely tour zai , people drink a lot of coffee at Starbucks right ? These people are never bigger. Because they have transgressed the second taboo : lazy ! Success lies in the accumulation is not readily accumulate , knock on the door of success when you do not know who he was . To be successful , you do not give yourself an excuse , ready to knock myself alarm.

Third, Siyaomianzai

In the wholesale market , being the owner of a few compliments , took more than color , many people earn more money . Some girls , in their own store glib, in the wholesale market , a few "big customer , visionary ," then look for , being a few face , had the bargain, paying only know the last confused . So life , reincarnation ah. Rip it extremely clear , extremely confused when slaughtered . After looking at the small accounts can not be on the wholesale market a few pieces of clothing , hundreds of pieces on hundreds, hundreds of pieces for a store , it also costs much saliva do not know , especially with the sales of Fudge , worried to death while clearing ah. Line has line regulation , reasonable bargain will get the respect of others .

Fourth, the adaptation phenomenon

Sellers who have no such experience: enter a wholesale stalls, picking after the first selected models , find other goods is also good , win some . In fact, this is a psychological " adaptation phenomenon ." Old saying " long into Baoyuzhisi not smell the stink , long room入芷兰not smell their fragrance ." Psychologists say , people 's sense organs prone to change , reduce susceptibility to stimulate make . Arrival time, always remind myself not to impulse, if you have time to observe more than a few times back and forth , so as to ensure that you pick the best goods.

Fifth, physical distribution

Purchase of mostly women , physical generally not very good. The same token, poor physical sense organs prone to change people , reduce the resolution of the matter . In addition , where there is restlessness , getting goods to mind when you want to complete as soon as possible . This will greatly increase the chances to get sub-standard product . So the important thing to do before the ancients " a bath " is a scientific basis . During the menstrual period , mood swings and it is easy to control . So during the menstrual period, does not encourage women to purchase. A person 's strength is limited , so before departure must be the focus of the analysis wholesale purchase , hold time, the best time to leave it physically .

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