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One : content must be original

Large SEO website for the most basic requirement is that the original submission , luck if you want to use someone else's article to muddle through , then unfortunately, these sites are discerning editors accept so many articles every day baptism , had trained eyes , they still do not feel luck, would like to contribute , then you sit safely original article written it . Will have to pay in return , want something for nothing , that is impossible.

Two : to have their views

I've written a lot of little nutritional content of the article, elated take submissions, no one is not gray head and gray face back, though they are original, but readability is not strong, so there must have its own article unique perspective , rather than a chance to share something commonplace , so there is no nutrition articles online search a lot, how could those Hogan got into the editing of it ? The same thing , each of us views are not the same , and sometimes express their views as long as it would like . As the saying goes , the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom, it is not going to complain that there is no good idea , in fact, you did not go looking for it carefully .

Three: To hard to write

Is an article written for others to see , so we must diligently to write, it is best to give some emotion in it , causing the reader's sympathy. The article even tasteless lack of perspective better, not much effect, I believe this article Sometimes we do not even want to go big . Some people will talk about my writing is not good, in fact , writing this , and there is not much relationship, good writing course valuable , but as long as our intentions , standing perspective readers to write , even if writing is not so good as to write it good article .

Four: To maintain a good attitude

As an SEO must have good psychological quality , not because it failed once or twice demoralized , even though the article did not pass does not matter, look for the causes of each failure , shortage of places to modify and edit the accumulation of a future article some experience , multi summary , more practice, your article will be getting better and better .

Summary: Articles written out is to give others to read, so we have to be responsible for every article , but also responsible for their own best articles written after his first read several times , and there is nothing to look at their own lack of place, if they are , then the reader will not like to see such an article , this is the most important.

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