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Bubble network president in 1981 was born Lee would undoubtedly have become the idol of the 1980s and example . "A lot of young people are most interested in is how to start, how to develop fact, in my opinion , whether entrepreneurs or workers themselves, are not very different , the most critical is how to do it, how to avoid detours ." Li Xiang 7 points out of entrepreneurship and development of his accumulated share with you: the direction , goals, wishes , methods, perseverance , achievement , self-observation .

Direction: The direction is the first important indicator of entrepreneurship and development , that is, why are you fighting . Direction is not the target , the target end , but the direction never end . For young people and entrepreneurs , the direction is very important. Said bluntly, even if they are stupid , just stick to the one in the right direction , has always insisted , will achieve good results. With the direction to the target will be more clearly and to be more effective to management objectives .

Goal: When we have future direction , the most important is not the first to use the method , but the first clear objectives . I found that college graduates can be divided into two categories: one is to go to school there are clear objectives , these people go to school for four years , in addition to normal learning , but also around their goal to learn and improve , so this kind of college is particularly useful , willing to work long enough , you can quickly become a first-class staff ; another type is not yet finished college goals , in order to go to school and go to school , they come to the interview does not know what to do , just work on doing what work , or simply sit and asked HR what you give me arrange work ? We will not use 100% of the second class students, because the cost of training is too high. So , I suggest that college students , give yourself a little earlier to find a goal after entering the community , you can enter the track for at least two years earlier than others .

Wishes : With the direction and goals , the most important thing is not immediately find ways to solve their own wishes but the first problem is that a person wishes to pay in order to achieve objectives mobility determination.

We often say that people should have the pressure , but the pressure and inaction can find countless Chinese people come only through the willingness to become a super action, and produce results and achieve goals is valuable.

So to give up the pressure force into action , but from the will of the root causes of mobility , mobility only be achieved your goal. When a person has a good direction , goals and wishes , he has all of the basic conditions for entrepreneurship and go to work in it.

Methods: The method itself is not important , methods exist to achieve their goals is the most important. For most people, only when they have a strong desire to achieve goals , it is very easy to accept the method of giving to others , or even themselves to find ways to get the correct approach is the premise of the existence of goals and aspirations ; rather than the average person , with good learning and listening skills , he will put all methods into its own , in order to achieve the objectives of the session the most appropriate method to use. For managers , the management, the method will be a catalyst , which could be a positive catalyst , it could be negative. Methods must be given to others when needed , that is, the other side has the will and needs to go to reach our goals .

Perseverance : perseverance = stick + breakthrough . Goal we set is composed of many small goals , small goals accomplished , the goals can be accomplished . However, we were the target Gaosi , because the target encountered some difficulty or hindrance , we will not go to complete , bypassing it, and then hope to find more new goals to achieve big goals. Therefore, the immediate goal stare good enough, use your willpower to overcome difficulties and obstacles persist and breakthrough ! Slowly, you 'll have the ability to achieve goals , and this is entirely due to your perseverance .

Results: The most exciting is worth the outcome , not the process. Achievement marks you already have the ability to accomplish their goals , but also means that you can go to challenge a higher goal.

Self-observation : We too often unable to extricate themselves into the process , can not find the problem . If you can not find the problem , get lost , certainly not achieve results. Therefore requires self- observation. I developed a simple tool that will simplify anything composed as follows: target - the process - the result , but for a target man, there will be problems in the process , so once feel quite right , immediately use this tool to judge myself, I the process is carried out in line with the goals I want to achieve , the problem appear? with the goal to determine whether the ongoing process consistent whether it is the best process , can produce results ? Thus , the problem will find out.

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