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This is the story of a rare venture brothers , their rational called specimens. 12 years ago, that fall , Mr. Ma and his classmate Zhang Zhidong " joint venture" is registered in Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. . And later absorbed the three shareholders : Zeng Liqing , Xu Chen Ye, Chen Yidan . This 5 -founder of the QQ, is said to be from 10,001 to 10,005 . Compete with each other in order to avoid power Tencent Ma at the beginning of the creation of four partners agreed and clear: the best of their abilities , each tube pool . Ma is the CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) , Zhang Zhidong was CTO ( chief technology officer ) , Zeng Liqing is the COO ( chief operating officer ) , Xu Chen Ye is the CIO ( chief information officer ) , Chen Yidan is the CAO ( Chief Administrative Officer ) .

The reason why Tencent entrepreneurial five brothers known as " rare " because until 2005 , when the founding team of five people is also essential to maintain this cooperation lineup , never betray. Tencent Empire until the situation to do now , which is still the company line 4 , only COO Zeng Liqing hung virtual level consultant and lifelong retirement .

Mountain can not be two tigers , especially in the rapidly growing business process, the founder of the team to maintain stable cooperation is not easy. Behind this , a former engineer from the outset Ma cooperation framework for the rational design of credit.

From the perspective of shares constituting . 5 people scrape together a total of 50 million, of which Ma out of 237,500 yuan , accounting for 47.5 % of the shares ; Zhang Zhidong out of 100,000 yuan , accounting for 20% ; Zeng Liqing out of 62,500 yuan , accounting for 12.5% ​​; other two people out of 50,000 yuan each , 10% each .

Although the major funding by the horse out , he was willing to share dropped to less than half the share of 47.5% . " To sum ​​them a little bit more than me , do not form a monopoly situation of dictatorship ." Meanwhile, he himself must be a major funding , accounting for a large share . " If you do not have a backbone, everyone shares equally , that time also there will be problems , also finished ."

Another key factor in maintaining stability lies in the "reasonable combination" between the partner .

According to a report author recalls: " Ma is very smart, but very stubborn , focusing on user experience, willing to see the product from the point of view of ordinary users head Zhang Zhidong was very active , a person is addicted to technology Ma technically very good . but a lot of his strengths is the ability to simplify things , and Zhang Zhidong is doing things perfected . "

Ye Xu Chen and Ma , Zhang Zhidong fellow computer science students , Shenzhen University, he is a very easy-going and have their own views, but people do not easily expressed , is the famous " Mr. Nice Guy ." Ma and Chen Yidan is a high school student at the time of Shenzhen , Shenzhen University, and later also attended , he was very strict, but it is also a very unassuming man, he can arouse people 's passions in different states.

If we say that several other collaborators are just "partner level figures ", then only five Zeng Liqing Tencent founder of the most fun, most open , most passionate and inspiring one , with mild Ma , hobby LIQUID technology compared to another type . Its large-scale cooperation in character, with more aggressive than Ma , who like to make a decision . But perhaps this also led him out of the first team , individual entrepreneurship.

Later, Ma told a joint interview in a number of media admitted that he also considered the beginning and Zhang Zhidong , Zeng Liqing 3 people sharing methods shares , but finally took the five entrepreneurial team , according to the division occupy different share structure strategy. Even if someone wants to add money was later accounted for a larger share Ma said no, " according to my judgment of your ability , you are not fit to take more shares ." Because Ma , future potential and matching shares due to mismatch should go wrong . Canada shares if the shares are not officers, the Director-General and fewer conflicts will occur.

Of course , after several dilution , the final percentage of shares held by them listed only the original 1 / 3, but that is the case, each of them are still worth reaching tens of million yuan, is a happy ending .

We can say that the private sector in China , Ma can be like this , both tolerance and draw , select different personalities , each with a specialty in -person start-up team , and after successfully develop a long-term situation can still maintain tacit cooperation , is very rare. And Ma 's success lies on a good one to start entrepreneurial team designed the responsibilities, rights and interests. Capacity , the greater the responsibility , the greater the power , the greater the benefits.

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