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Mary Kay Ash , founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and honorary chairman of the board , she started to $ 5,000 , creating a current annual sales of more than 2.5 billion U.S. dollars , with 750,000 beauty consultants , business development to multinational corporations in 36 countries . Mary Kay by rich emotional depth training in management and progressive potential ability to play a beauty consultant , her constant encouragement to improve self-esteem and self-confidence of women , for women of Mary Kay is called the "dream company" , and get different women's organizations, the international multi- times reward.

2000 United States lifelong online website poll results , Mary Kay Ash, won the " twentieth century 's most influential women business community " award . An American magazine to 20 out of 200 years the global business community the most legendary and hugely successful character , and she is the only female . 1999 , and Marie Curie , Mother Teresa was named the most influential of the 20th century along with women .

Mary Kay , a beautiful name , creation is also concerned with the beautiful career . In her hands , the birth of the world's leading cosmetics company - Mary Kay . From the initial small storefront , and now has expanded its business to 37 countries and sales organizations up to 750,000 , 2000 sales reached $ 13 billion big company, which is the result of her 45 -year-old started the business . This extraordinary woman , her legend and perseverance have forever engraved on the human history.

May 12, 1918 , Mary Kay was born in Houston, Texas , she began suffering from TB care for 6 -year-old bedridden father , mother working 14 hours a day in a restaurant . Mother of life is very optimistic, almost gave her encouragement in everything from schoolwork to spare time to make money selling small snacks , "You can do it " is the mother most often say . This confidence has been accompanied by a Mary Kay 's life. 17 years old, graduated from high school and local Mary Kay Rogers married. It was just in the 1930s during the Great Depression , in order to support the family, Mary Kay began her sales career. Initially, she was selling child psychology books , relying on tenacious character and good at dealing with people 's strengths, doing very well . But soon after, she decided to change direction, trying to find a company that can provide a range of products. Her sights on direct household utensils and detergents Stanley Home Products Corporation . Her performance in the company is still very good, was promoted to manager, and was victorious sales champion. But her talent is wasted - is a man's world, she comments and suggestions will be ridiculed . At the time Mary Kay deeply confused , and a painful arrived. Mary Kay military service back after her husband wants a divorce , even though Mary Kay knew an unhappy marriage , but for a devout Christian, a failed marriage to Mary Kay big blow , she was once described as the lowest point of his life .

In 1938, 20 -year-old she moved the family to Dallas , where the young single mother with three children , has not stalled , although the day so hard , she completed her with unimaginable perseverance university studies. In order to maintain the home for various expenses, household items she was looking for a sales job . In order to motivate yourself to work hard to sell her own weekly soap target number written on the bathroom mirror , you can get up every morning to see increasing pressure on themselves . 11 years later, because the hard work and effort , Mary Kay has accumulated a wealth of sales experience, she turned to one called " gift to the world ," the direct marketing companies. Due to the hard work and outstanding performance, she was director of the Committee success in the company won a place , and the expansion of sales area to 43 states .

In 1963 , the company she hired an assistant, but I paid her salary doubled up , just because the assistant is a man . Mary Kay can not tolerate this behavior contempt for women , they angrily dismissed home. Then she was 45 years old. After the retirement of Mary Kay intended to write a book to guide women on how to survive in the male-dominated business world . She is listed in the table on their own writing outline two : one is she saw he had worked in the company of good things ; another is something she thinks should be improved . When looking at these words, Mary Kay inspiration suddenly come up : Since they have so much experience and ideas , why do not you start a new company it would be ideal for countless women realize their own value carrier ? .

Mary Kay thought he had come into contact with one kind of skin care products are very effective , they are going to offer a special cosmetics company , it will not only meet the needs of customers , more important is the desire to meet women's personal achievement , this is a dream come true companies.

September 13, 1963 , with the help of his son , Richard , Mary Kay join together savings - $ 5000 set up a Mary Kay cosmetics company. The road to success is always thorny , in Mary Kay opened a month ago , her second husband died suddenly due to a sudden illness . We all wait for some time to persuade Mary Kay career began , however, she was starting a stubborn , but also a legend was born. A dream come true - as long as you work hard September 13, 1963 Friday , an unlucky day Westerners think , just lost her husband of Mary Kay began in Dallas about 46 meters of a store where began his dream trip . Mary Kay own name the new company , initially staff only she and her son Richard and 9 beauty consultants . Mary Kay Cosmetics direct from her own hands beautician bought from a cosmetic formulations. Mary Kay said: "Many people open new business is to make money , but this is not my main motivation, not quite rich and I can not care about money , I just think it's cause must succeed , otherwise I would not second chance to start their own business . " because when she is a grandmother .

Opened at the beginning of the company , Mary Kay is committed to providing an unprecedented majority of women economic independence , and personal achievement and personal development opportunities . Mary Kay believed in himself , " what you want others to treat you , how you should treat others the" golden rule as her company's guiding philosophy and concept of the market , and vigorously promote " faith first, family second, career third " of life priorities , to inspire other women to join their cause with the " you can do " spirit. And the choice of cosmetics direct sales , which means that when Mary Kay must compete with 25-year history of direct sales giant Avon . Mary Kay traditional direct marketing conducted a house to house revolution , she will own salesperson called " beauty consultants " in order to show the way to sell products group , the number of each to participate in the activities of not more than five or six people .

Mary Kay said: "This approach allows us to facilitate the guidance of consultants how women skin care ." Naturally became chief Mary Kay beauty consultant company . Mary Kay also adopted the policy at the time of payment to delivery companies do not generally used , which does not require a lot of start-up capital of the company , and more importantly, she let them pay only 50% of the retail price to buy the whole product, which is far below the general direct companies that make many women benefit from more . This policy not only greatly encourage work ethic beauty consultant company , the company also eliminates a lot of bad debts. Because 25 years of experience in direct selling Mary Kay knowledge, often leading direct sellers of bad debt bankruptcy . Founded in the first year , in the 10 months to " beauty consultant " ( sales staff ) joint efforts , the company sales income reached $ 200,000 , a rapid increase in the second year to $ 800,000 , and has a sales force consisting of 3000 women , 1976 , Mary Kay Inc. officially listed on the NYSE , which is the first listed companies owned by women. Since then, the performance of the company is getting better , growing from a little-known company is the largest U.S. distributor of skin care products .

Today, the company has more than 850,000 Mary Kay independent beauty consultants , with offices in 37 countries on five continents , annual retail sales of more than 2.4 billion U.S. dollars in the past nine years among the nation's eight facial skin care and color cosmetics sales section one . "Fortune " magazine included three of the nation's best Mary Kay Inc. 100 company, is one of the 10 Best Companies for Women selection . Mary Kay also " Forbes Greatest Business People" book 20 commercial giant yard only woman to direct the company from a small company to develop into its business all over the step 37 countries and regions in the world , with sales of $ 2.5 billion of the nation's largest skincare direct selling companies .

Mary Kay , this name represents not only the founder of Mary Kay Inc. , is a noble ideal representation, implement a great faith ! Mary Kay 's success stems from her letter of the commercial spirit of service to others .

The beginning of the Mary Kay business, established a service first aim , the beauty in her class, she asked beauty consultants to "teach " for the purpose , not just "sell ." When training sales staff , but also makes them think : " How to make the customer more beautiful , more self-confidence ? " Instead : " ? Today how much I want her ," This is being pursued by many of today's leading companies the " customer-centric " and "service -oriented " criteria described exactly the same. Mary Kay faith believe that such services will make people's eyes filled with love . Not only that, Mary Kay also wants the company did not just manufacture and sell products , but should do more for the majority of women , she raised the company should be " enrich women's lives " as its mission . After career out of the United States, she also proposed to create a " global women shared cause ." Strongly promoted in the Mary Kay Mary Kay pursued by the golden rule and life priorities guiding philosophy and concept of the market as she and her 800,000 beauty consultants figure quickly spread throughout the world . People commented that Mary Kay Ash in her cosmetics direct sales , while also direct her work philosophy and philosophy of life . Most importantly, with her Mary Kay business structure inspired thousands of women have become small business owners . In her own management style , her constant encouragement and material rewards to boost women's self-esteem and self-confidence. There are magazine exclaimed: Mary Kay emancipation of women , even more than the leader of the American feminist movement can wear Grau Ruiya history of liberation .

Mary Kay himself believes in her entire career in the greatest sense of accomplishment, is to see the success of many women . Because Mary Kay knows the essence of feminine intuition and , if they can be properly played , and get appropriate support , she would be phenomenal achievement . Mary Kay 's mission is to " enrich women's lives ." At this point , as a sign of successful Mary Kay diamond bumblebee pin implication meaning is. Mary Kay said: "From an aerodynamic standpoint, the Hornet is in any case not fly because it physically heavy, but they are too fragile wings , but people forget to tell these women Hornet is so long as to give them the opportunity . encourage and honor, they will be able to spread its wings . " her efforts have been recognized , as she has always been managed by the male-dominated world of outstanding achievements , Mary Kay is regarded as the world's most successful female entrepreneurs.

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