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1 - Google Adsense
For the blog , information kiosks , small content information sites , adsense is the best possible source of income to get the highest return . Google adsense provides service allows independent publisher, blog , content owners around the page content posted contextual text ads , simply code into the page , the ad is displayed automatically , without human intervention.
For each ad click , publishers can get a small income. Part of Google's advertising costs as a charge source of profits , this ratio does not officially revealed . Although the correlation is not likely to be a lot higher advertising , to add some confusion of information, but owners can indeed derive income.
Note : Many webmasters still suspect , google really pay you probably do have a lot of painful experience similar coalition of non-payment ? .
But most publishers do not recognize the need to do adsense strategy , just put the code into a page is not enough. Focus on the contents of the Web site , the organization of the content , the way to write page code , title, use , color and location of advertising, these factors greatly affect advertising effectiveness. Most importantly, the different types of pages and content needs to adopt a different strategy , there is no set of principles that can be applied to all sites , the key is how the publisher through the system , and constantly tests , experiments and optimization, to achieve the integration of content and advertising . To focus on a particular field of blog , adsense could bring hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue every month to discuss some of the high-priced information blog can even reach 5 figure income . Without too much investment , you can enter the market relatively quickly . I do not mean blog in the traditional sense , but some professional independent sources of information , such as, Adsense can also search through the site to make money , you can display the search results page within the site and provide search-related advertising. However , google does not allow you to select advertisers, it is a shortage .
Alternatives : Kanoodle, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Yahoo! Publisher Network
Note: In fact, there are a lot of areas of non- Chinese alternatives , such as Chinese owners are familiar with adbrite. More alternatives are not as open as google to small sites and personal blog , but targeted at specific industries and areas of expertise , and for audiences in Europe and America developed regions of the publisher's requirements are also higher .
2 - Blogads
As the name suggests blogads oriented blog advertising services , publishers can choose to accept a certain advertisers, but also refuse to advertisers. Blogads retain 20 % of the advertising revenue , and the rest via paypal or check payable to the publisher .
For advertisers , blogads have the advantage of speed and ease of use , to order advertising just 2-3 minutes , may submit their own pictures and text , set advertising time and via paypal payment. After owners accept advertising , advertisers further design and optimization, to renew or purchase a new ad.
Alternatives : Crispads, Grokads, Tagword. Owners can also take advantage of some open source text advertising system , such as Textads, The Idya Adsystem, to create their own text ads .
3 - Amazon Alliance
Sign up to become an affiliate amazon , add code after the page amazon can sell their products in the site, the user will be directed to click on the product page. If the user is guided to generate shopping behavior ( not limited to guided product ) , the owners get a discount.
Although the discount rate is not high ( 4% -10 % ) , but if you do not want to increase your quality content not related to advertising , amazon Alliance is a valid source of income. For example, you can direct users to purchase related books, users can immediately see the relevant recommendations in the search for a specific domain content.
Note : Chinese Dangdang and excellence in the field has a similar alliance depends on how much traffic earn .
4 - Text Link
Text links without taking up too prominently , advertisers do not get a return on that click , the hope is to get anti link on your page , which is why a lot of text links on the bottom of the page and other important positions , which aims to improve value of the site in search engines . As the market grew , independent publishers have more choices, selectively accepting and site content related or complementary text links.

Although many text links pointing to non-mainstream products and services, such as gambling , Viagra , but the market is indeed growing. Many mainstream advertisers are using promotional tools text links , but the choice rests with the publishers themselves. Google Page Rank value of 4 to the following website link text does not make much sense to do that if pr value of 6-7 can be considered more carefully done . 6 PR value sites placed 5-6 text links per month can easily earn a few hundred dollars .
5 - Sponsors
Another option is to sell sponsorship bit , previously often as flash or image ads , now evolution . Effective approach is to select sponsors associated with the content , such as news channels displayed or rss feed.
6 - Sales reports
More and more research reports publishers also affiliate marketing , which for the focus on a particular industry or market segment site is valid opportunities.
7 - Alliance Sales
Register as a distributor Alliance online store .
Union will not affect the sales of goods and the reputation of its own publisher , the publisher can recommend some high quality, high price of goods obtained sales commission. Sales discounts depending on the supplier 's marketing strategy. Linkshare and Commission Junction (cj) are the two largest union sales agents, there is a wealth of business and product lists. If the publisher publish their own books , you can also consider expanding sales channels through these agents.
Note : linkshare and cj while accepting Chinese registered , but there are strict censorship , need to submit tax forms (w8ben) to collection , but also for the resolute fight against cheating . Similarly, they are mostly merchants for the European market, many advertisers Chinese website simply can not apply only like web hosting, domain name registration of such services are relatively easy to apply . Suggested Chinese websites , especially garbage station , do not go to apply for it. If a large number of Chinese websites have been rejected, a lot of cheating was discovered beneath maybe they'll huff all Chinese websites shut out, unless you have a long , rich money online "experience" and adequate technology. Chinese , there are many such alliances, but the owners are still deduct the amount of the most discussed issues and credibility Union, with a long operating history and good reputation Union , Chinese domain also rare.

8 - Online guide or book
You can publish their various books, instructional materials, books , etc. In market segments, focusing on a field guide or reference materials ( Note: If PubMed guide, internet marketing guide, divorce guide ) growing demand .
Selling book requires a certain internet marketing techniques , large enough degree of exposure , showing praise from satisfied buyers and so on.
9 - bookstore distribution and publishing pod
Such services can be distributed through lightningsource your digital content, and put them on amazon sales , but also provide a printed version of the technical content through pod technology (print on-demand).
Note: Some websites offer self- publishing services like,,,
10 - Sales of goods
Sell ​​your own brand of T-shirt or baseball cap on the blog . Why would buyers spend 20 to buy your product, it helps to promote your website ? If you can establish a distinctive brand personality , so supporters would be willing to buy. provide such services , they prepared T-shirts, hats, calendars , mugs and other commodities, you can upload your work , slogan or logo, to help you print done by them . Cafepress receive raw materials costs, such as T-shirts 13.99 each , you can develop your selling price , cafepress responsible for other transaction processes, including receiving the payment , delivery , and pay you a monthly sales profits .
11 - Burn cd collection and anthology
Cafepress and other sites also offer this service to help publishers put a lot of content, such as books, documents , audio and video files, burn them to collect research reports cd, and provide comprehensive sales support, including replication , labeling , delivery , etc. . Posted by pay at wholesale prices.
12 - Charges Writing
Although many people are controversial, but more and more companies to discuss specific topics or promote products through the blog and independent websites. Personal blog have the opportunity to become the company's official blog authors to charge or free way to receive specific writing tasks. As readers may worry that the trust money now because of the previous blog and write articles, you will continue to read his posts? Write to make money is not a shameful thing, charging around a topic of writing , is not that the requirements of newspapers and magazines their edits it?
If charges writers have enough transparency, accountability and professionalism, and any other activities then this is justified as legitimate .
Note : Pay no stranger to write us , every day can see a lot of guns on soft paper artwork online media . If you love to write, it must go donews, it has united the 32,000 editors, reporters , freelance writer , and it practitioners.
13 - Donation
Accept donations from readers, such as paypal, domestic Alipay, Paypal, provides a simple -to-use donation button.
1, adding Publisher Network
If you just start a blog , you need more traffic , the degree of exposure and experience before you can operate these methods personally consider joining publisher network. ( Note: it seems the contrary, the Chinese blog blog need to have a certain reputation in the future , " qualified " to join these networks ) to the group blog , writing can be reduced to a certain extent the pressure , with established brands and channels in a shorter time the show more . Another good way is to build local kiosks .
2 , try to write , is not considered a means to make money
Blog to let you in areas of interest to narrow the distance with others , you may be subject to any restrictions , although written , and gradually build up your reputation when people need your words , your return will come, this is a natural . Use blog to show you some of the topics and product reviews , research , analysis , is the best means to promote their own .

The above methods are not mutually exclusive and can be used in parallel , so as to establish a variety of revenue sources . Asked the following guiding principles based on my experience :
1 - relevance and value
People want to see and the Topic -related information , if it finds something they like , then they wanted a way to get more desired ( content , goods, services ) . God, as the reader , the publisher choose a product or service should be possible in line with the principles of the site editor , which can ensure continuity , consistency between articles and promotional information .
2 - complementary
Additional advertising or sponsorship information needs to bring value to the overall content , without regard to their sponsors and the correlation between the content of both the wasted opportunity .
3 - Visual Etiquette
Sponsorship, text ads, promotional information, etc. without special attention visual readers , just smart and proper display, ensuring format , clear, readable , printable , the same as other content on the page. Full control over the layout and location through css.
4 - publisher of the content control
Publisher must call the shots themselves. Posted by itself rather than by advertisers to control what ads to display on the page. Publisher must play the role of content managers , not only to respect the content is written, but also respect for the promotion of content. Marketing must be closely integrated with the editing , which is characteristic of the advantages of the new media.
Blogads and text links exchange alliance allows publishers to select advertisers. Adsense provides the ability to control to some extent , allows publishers to filter up to 200 advertisers. But the best , the publisher should be able to choose.
5 - the publisher's approval
Publishers should somehow recognized the advertised product , through the " recommended " to provide added value to the reader. I do not trust myself repeatedly refused to pay union or advertisers, I am also free to my readers I think is worth noting that a lot of companies and products advertising.
How to make money using what strategy? Diversify revenue streams should be made , that is, do not put all your eggs in one basket. My experience is , open up a variety of small sources of revenue , income coming together on substantial. Reliance on a particular source of income is a big danger , if the resource disappears, then your ability to survive will disappear.

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