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Twitter is a social networking site abroad and micro-blog services. It uses wireless networks, cable networks, communications technology , instant communication , is a typical application of micro-blog . It allows users to send their latest developments and ideas in the form of text messages to mobile phones and personalized website group , not just sent to individuals. Twitter is a popular site for social networking and micro- blog service that allows users to own the latest developments and ideas to mobile phones in the form of short messages ( tweets ) release ( tweeting ) , can bind IM instant messaging software . All Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. 2006 , emerging technology pioneer company Obvious blog founder Evan Williams (Evan Williams) launched a large scarf to create the service . Initially, this service is only used to send text messages to a friend 's cell phone. February 2012 , Twitter said the ability for different countries and regions to implement web content filtering , triggering concern ; October Twitter acquisition of the U.S. mobile application development tool vendors Cabana.

Twitter ( unofficial Chinese translation: Twitter ) is a variant of instant messaging , which allows users to own the latest developments and ideas in the form of text messages sent to mobile phones and personalized website group , rather than sent to individuals. In 2006 , a pioneer of emerging technology companies Obvious blog blogger founder Evan Williams (Evan Williams) creates launched a Twitter service . Initially, this service is only used to send text messages to a friend 's cell phone.年底2006, Obvious services were upgraded , users do not need to enter their phone number, and you can receive and send information via instant messaging services and personalized Twitter website.

About the origins of the name of Twitter , Twitter is a sound of birds , birds are considered the founder of short, frequent , fast , consistent with the connotation of the site, so choose a name for the Web site Twitter .

Twitter co- created by Liz Stone , Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey (JackDorsey), has about 175 million registered users ( as of November 2010 ) , but there are 56 million Twitter accounts (about 32% ) did not focus on other accounts , but there are 90 million Twitter accounts do not have followers . This data indicates that the actual number of Twitter users is much lower than its number of registered users . Other sites , as of the end of 2012 the number of monthly active users of Facebook to 600 million , compared with Twitter also seemed to be somewhat insignificant. But it is very different from Facebook. Like Williams said , Twitter " lowers the threshold ." Twitter is a reasonable next step existing blog site development, but also in the initial stages blog . Internet users believe that , type 140 words and sent on the network more convenient , and therefore achieve the information flow of Twitter . As Williams puts it , " It is another step towards the democratization of information , I firmly believe that if we make it easier to share information, future will be better ." Williams once again become the "Publish revolution," the spokesman , after he created a " blog " concept. Twitter was born in the year 2006, when Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), than hereby Stone (Biz Stone), Evan Williams (Evan Williams), Noah Glass (Noah Glass) were Odeo work . Since the company is facing big challenge Apple and other companies , the board of directors for the company's prospects are not encouraging.

Companies need to change and entrepreneurship. When the company changes and re-start from the beginning of the discussion , we discuss the best group of entrepreneurial ideas . Jack discusses the use of text messages to tell others what they are doing service.

By using the phone to send text messages to contacts , extremely simple idea , you do not even need to consider what you are doing , you only need to compose a message and then send . Jack's thoughts naturally become the preferred entrepreneurial ideas . Others companies are still focused on Odeo service , Jack and Noah then start planning for version 0.1 related services.

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