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Google AdSense is a fast and easy way to make money online that allows website publishers to access a certain amount of scale for their website to display Google ads and Web site traffic and site content related to the conversion of income. If a site to Google AdSense, it becomes google content publishers as content publishers can display google keyword advertising on your site , google pay commissions based on the ad is displayed on the membership site clicks , when a commission by the end of to pay a commission to the user when an ad click totaled $ 100 .

If you have your own website and have a certain number of visits , will be free to apply to join Google AdSense, whether personal or commercial website (of course, not every site can be allowed to join , such as providing MP3 downloads , pornography, violence, etc. website content will not be licensed to join Adsense, if you get to join in the case , and then provide MP3 downloads , pornographic , violent and other titles are being treated , usually permanent title ) . If you want your website to make money through google ad networks , then apply to join the Google AdSense is a good choice .

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