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PayPal ( in Chinese mainland brands PayPal ) , in December 1998 was established by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Is the transfer of funds between a headquarters in San Jose, California Internet service providers, allowing the use of e-mail to identify the identity of the user , free of the traditional method of mailing a check or remittance . PayPal also cooperate with some e-commerce sites , they become one of payment of the purchase price ; But this payment transfers , PayPal charge a certain amount of fee .
About PayPal

PayPal, is what we usually say "PayPal PayPal International ," an international payment received for the needs of the user account type is designed for the type of account balance of payments has required . It is currently the world's most widely used online trading tools. It can help us:

- Convenient carry trade receivables , cash and transaction tracking

- Engaged in international procurement and consumer safety

- Quick pay and receive U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars , euros , sterling , Australian dollar and the yen and other 25 kinds of major international currency .

PayPal is currently the world's largest online payment company . PayPal is an eBay company, is committed to making personal or business e-mail , safe , simple and convenient way to achieve online payment and collection . PayPal launched PayPal account is the most secure network electronic account , using it can effectively reduce online fraud occurred . PayPal accounts are integrated advanced management capabilities , allowing you to easily control every transaction details . As of 2012 , over 90% of cross-border transactions of more than 85% of the sellers and buyers recognize and are using PayPal electronic payments business.

PayPal is much sought after by the world's hundreds of millions of users of payment in international trade , real-time payment , Prompt arrival , the entire Chinese interface, easily through China 's local bank withdrawals , foreign trade receivables to solve your problems, help you succeed overseas operations , winning worldwide. You can start immediately after registration PayPal to accept credit card payments. As the world's first online payment service , PayPal is your to more than 220 million users worldwide in the most efficient way to open the door . The greatest advantage is that registration is completely free . International popular credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and other payment methods in one. Help solve a variety of buyers and sellers in the transaction process payment problems. More than 90% of cross-border transactions of more than 85% of the sellers and buyers recognize and are using PayPal electronic payments business. April 27, 2010 , Ali Baba and the company 's largest overseas third-party payment platform PayPal jointly announced that they entered into a strategic partnership . August 18, 2012 , PayPal is the payment service and McDonald ( microblogging ) cooperation in testing mobile , France 30 McDonald's restaurants to deploy this feature. Pilot project in France , McDonald's McDonald's customers by ordering mobile applications , or through online ordering , and then use PayPal. PayPal spokesman said participating in the pilot 's restaurant opened a special desk for such users. March 2013 into the real PayPal to pay or cause profits to decline.

About eBay

Online payment system " PayPal " founder elon Musk Elon Musk, was born in South Africa, emigrated to the U.S. at age 18 . He set engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist in a variety of identity , and is PayPal , SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder of three companies . He is currently CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation 's Chief Technology Officer , Tesla Motors product designer.

Its parent company, eBay is the world's largest e-commerce online trading platform, with 2008 sales of up to $ 8.5 billion , profits of over 1.7 billion U.S. dollars , and employs more than 15,000 people . E-commerce godmother legendary CEO Meg Whitman put this only 30 employees and revenues of only $ 4 million small company into the ranks of the multinational giants , she broke the glass ceiling in the business world , a decade to get eBay a 2000 -fold increase .

eBay is an open era of corporate , entrepreneurial enterprise business history is the history of the industry, companies develop rules that industry rules. ebay develop trading rules and the development of stock market trading rules have the same meaning as in the area of ​​electronic commerce . eBay failed in the global markets are China and Japan.

Meg Whitman process led by the acquisition of PayPal 's long and tortuous , the purchase price rising from $ 300 million to $ 1.5 billion to complete the acquisition, which is about 8% eBay purchase price capitalization ( July 2002 ) , on eBay , this eventually became a very good deal . Today, in the provision of online payment solutions , PayPal is a global leader. In the third quarter of 2009 , which involved in the world market 190 , which quarter , the total amount paid over 17 billion U.S. dollars , accounting for about 10% of the entire online business . eBay Group on April 17, 2013 released the 2013 fiscal year ended March 31, 2013 first quarter earnings . The report shows that , eBay first quarter net revenues of $ 3.7 billion , representing an increase of 14%. PayPal was founded in 2006 on the Business Advisory team, through "trade one -stop " service for small and medium foreign trade enterprises. Incomplete statistics , PayPal Business consultant team has provided consulting services to over 100,000 small and medium foreign enterprises. 2013 newly established business manager team of over 40,000 small and medium export enterprises in China to provide support.

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