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PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor . PHP is an HTML embedded language , PHP and Microsoft ASP quite a bit similar , is a server-side implementation of the scripting language embedded in HTML documents , the language style similar to the C language , is now a lot of sites programmers widely used. PHP syntax unique mix Java, C,

Perl and PHP syntax from innovation . It can perform dynamic pages faster than CGI or Perl. Compared with other programming language to make dynamic pages with PHP , PHP is embedded into the HTML document the program to execute , execute efficient than completely CGI generated HTML tag is much higher ; same scripting language embedded in HTML documents Compared JavaScript , PHP on the server side , full use of the performance of the server ; PHP execution engine when users will be frequently accessed PHP program resides in memory, other users access to this program again on the need to recompile the program , executed directly in memory code on it, and this is reflected PHP efficient one . PHP has a very powerful feature , all CGI or PHP JavaScript function can be realized, and supports almost all popular databases and operating systems.

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