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WordPress is a blog using the PHP language development platform, users can set up their own websites on the support PHP and MySQL database server. You can also put WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to use. WordPress is a free open source project , authorized the release of the GNU General Public License . The latest version is October 25, 2013 WordPress version 3.7 . WordPress is considered Michel Valdrighi developed network Zhiping station b2/cafelog official successor. "WordPress" the name by Christine Selleck 's mind, he is the main developer Matt Mullenweg friends.

WordPress is a personal blog system initially , and gradually evolved into a content management system software, which is using PHP language and MySQL database development WordPress. Users can use their own Blog in support of PHP and MySQL database server.

Powerful WordPress features numerous plug-ins and easy extension. Installation is very easy to use .

The original English version of WordPress , UTF-8 encoding , the latest version is version 3.5.2 June 22, 2013 , this version of the nickname is "Elvin", dedicated to the drummer Elvin Jones and so on. WordPress3.5 requires at least PHP version 5.2.4 ( do not support third-party launch "PHP6.0"), MySQL at least version 5.0. To meet the growing needs of the huge Chinese user opened a Chinese official site and provide a Chinese version of the program to download. There enthusiasts developed a Chinese language pack , so that it can support Chinese . However, due to the use of reason coding , garbled when Chinese characters truncated. However, the production of Chinese netizens mulberry Toolbox WordPress plugin can solve this problem .

There are many third-party developers of WordPress template free , simple and easy installation . But do its own template, you need to have some expertise . If you at least want to know HTML code , CSS, PHP and other related knowledge .

Publishers using WordPress platform accounted for 10% of global websites. The number of unique visitors per month WordPress official website reached 300 million .

Starting with 3.0 , WordPress has built-in multi-user blog functionality , you can simply set on the creation of a platform to support multi- domain blog .

WordPress is currently the world's most widely used blog system , is an open source PHP software. Because many users , so the WordPress community is very active and has a wealth of plug-in template resource . Use WordPress to quickly set up a separate blog site .

WordPress blog is not just a program , but also an excellent small CMS, many non- blog site is also built with WordPress .

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