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- Articles published , classification, archiving, collection, statistical Reads .

- Provide articles, reviews, and other forms of classification RSS aggregator .

- Provide links to add, classify function.

- Review of management support , spam filtering.

- Support for direct editing of CSS styles and PHP program modifications.

- Outside Blog system easily add the desired page .

- Through a variety of parameters to be set , so that more personalized Blog .

- Realized with the support of some plug-ins to generate static html page ( eg WP-SUPER-CACHE).

- By selecting different themes and easily change the appearance of the page.

- By adding a plug-in that provides a variety of special features.

- Support Trackback and pingback.

- Support for importing capabilities for some other blog software platform.

- Support Member Login , background management functions.


- WYSIWYG post editor

- Template System

- Unified link management function

- Optimized for search engines Permalink (PermaLink) System

- Support the use of plug-ins to expand its capabilities

- For the classification of the article can be nested , the same article also belong to multiple categories

-TrackBack and Pingback function

- Typesetting filters to produce the appropriate text format and design

- Generate and use static pages feature

- Multi- functional co-author of Writing

Users can save the list of visited blog -

- Can prevent users from access to certain IP segment

- Support the use of labels (Tags)

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