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1 Powerful WordPress functionality , scalability , mainly thanks to its numerous plugins , easy to expand functionality , basically a complete website that some features , can achieve all the functionality through its third-party plug-ins.

2. WordPress to build a blog for seo search engine friendly and indexed fast , top-ranking .

3 . Suitable DIY, if you are like the rich content of the site , so wordpress can well meet your appetite.

4 theme lot, on the site of a large all wordpress themes, colors and kinds , everything.

5. WordPress site backup and transfer more convenient to use the site after the original stop exporting tools, WordPress Importer plugin can easily import the contents of the new site.


1 . Initial content source WordPress system basically just a framework , it takes time to build their own .

2 plug-in , though many, but not too many plug-ins installed , otherwise it will drag on site speed and reduce the user experience.

3 less freedom of choice of server space .

4 static poor, or rather is truly static done well, if it is true for the entire site to generate static pages , but also to do good, can only generate static pages home page and article pages , so only the entire station pseudo- static .

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