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SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing , Search Engine Marketing Chinese meaning . SEM is a new form of online precision marketing . SEM does is comprehensive and effective use of search engines for online network marketing and promotion ; SEM pursue the highest price, with a minimum investment , was the largest and highest return on investment. Search engine marketing is the basic idea of ​​allowing users to find information , and through ( search engine ) search clicks into the site / web page for further information he needs . Search Engine Strategies in the introduction , the general view that the main objective of search engine optimization design has two levels: indexed by search engines , ranking in the search results . This is common sense , most network marketers and professional service providers to target the search engines are basically set in this level. However, the actual situation, just be indexed by search engines and ranking in search results is still not enough, because in fact achieved this effect does not necessarily increase the user's click-through rate , but can not guarantee that the visitors into for customers or potential customers, it can only be said to be a search engine marketing strategy two basic objectives

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