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So first is to say what is search engine marketing through search engines like Baidu to promote information to show itself in front of the target user is search engine marketing . Content focus is Baidu bid , is through to the Baidu investment money to get ranked keywords. Colonel suitable for traditional enterprise for the promotion of violence products.
Baidu bidding can be used to do what the industry does business expansion ? Can be divided into three types of people : one office worker , is most commonly used to promote the corporate network , the best way to effect ; 2 do a single page website , good SEO optimization, the use of single-page bid and marketing , sales violence products. earn commissions ; 3 own boss entrepreneurial , looking through the various search index needs large and small competing products .
SEM link : a demand for a certain product because the behavior of Internet users search for information ; 2 Baidu show results according to the user 's search terms ; 3 users click on sponsored links ; 4 users visit the website and check the information needed ; 5 users . . to reflect the user experience.
The following is said Baidu search promotion has what characteristics: a user precise , as long as users search for , relatively speaking, a strong desire to buy , conversion rate ; 2 high cost , according to industry profits and competitiveness of their products by themselves . Click on the price bid backstage regulation ; 3 quick , put on someone will be able to get a good search ranking ; 4 good flexibility , through data analysis , internal bid budget at any time to make adjustments ; 5 effects can be monitored through the auction background data can be analyzed by statistical tools.
The next auction on the Baidu search promotion account to make a brief introduction to open an account , you can branch by Baidu , Baidu agents, Taobao search can get account status. Here you want to add is that only through the website to get the record eligible to apply . If the product can do is to force the transaction through Taobao buy "promotional account" , provided that the credibility of the main seller .
After obtaining Baidu promotion account, we will bid on Baidu to promote constitutes a detailed understanding of the structure into account Baidu to promote : account, campaign , promotion unit , keyword , creative four levels of composition. Account must be established to promote this process to do around the detailed analysis : (1) select keywords ( according to Baidu bid background Keywords digging tools, word love stop digging tools , chinaz digging finishing brush tool selected words and their own product-related keywords establish an excel spreadsheet ) ; . 2 classification for keywords ( the keywords relevant category classification process ) to determine promotion plan and promotion unit ; (3) the establishment of accounts, the key words into the appropriate promotion unit ; . 4 to promote creative writing unit for keywords ; 5 accounts and promotional programs for the promotion of the relevant settings ; 6 to match the way and set keyword bids . In fact, according to this process to set bids keyword is not difficult, the difficulty is how to analyze the reasonableness of the arrangement of keywords and conversion rates . Eventually study the user's search needs to purchase keywords, keyword analysis summarizes the background to make a bid layout adjustments.

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