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SMO (Social media optimization) and social media optimization, mainly through social media , online communities and community websites set of methods for public dissemination. SMO include adding RSS feeds , "Digg This" top to go , blog writing and non- cooperation in the form of third-party community features ( eg : Flickr picture slideshow , YouTube video sharing ) . Social media optimization is a form of search engine marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO, is a network marketing internet more widely used , mainly to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the visibility of the site, thereby increasing sales opportunities. SEO SEO is divided into two kinds of outside the station and the station . The main work of SEO is through understanding how the various Internet search engines to crawl the page , how to index and how to determine if a particular keyword search results ranking and other technologies related to the optimization of the website to improve search engine rankings , thus improve website traffic, and ultimately enhance the site 's ability to sell or promote technical ability .

Many websites are keen social media communication, resulting in the presentation of information on the platform fragmentation , brand information if they do not optimize the value of the spread will be greatly reduced . Website should be fully optimized content related to spread , so that information flow among the various social media platforms seamlessly , causing the user's attention , discussion and participation , and ultimately the formation of word of mouth .

A content-rich mature sites, in addition to the use of search engine SEO brings traffic outside the site should be concerned about traffic from the user 's own social sharing , collection and other acts brought over , conversely, a truly healthy traffic growth To a certain extent by word of mouth legend users in their blog , SNS network , which constantly referred friends . In order to promote the socialization of a steady stream of traffic coming . On this basis, also make search engines pay more attention to your site, so traffic can also search for the source of continuous improvement . So, you want to quickly improve socialization by what methods it flow ?

A foundation : a distinctive site targeting , valuable content sites. Users are willing to promote social sharing basis .
2 tools: support many social sharing sites such as Kaixin , Renren , QQ bookmark , SINA Weibo , etc. There are hundreds of similar , but one should add these sites to your website is too much trouble . Fortunately, there are some sharing tools that can quickly these buttons in a toolbar inside polymerization , and only need to add a line of code to the site , the use of relatively simple.

3 Promotion: Prepare a few good questions, to combine the current hot news , and willing to be friends to share the contents of the entire station main push this button and your own tools described above can also be the one to share it to all kinds of social networks , such as the QQ bookmark , Baidu wishlists , etc. , so easy to bring up the first batch of socialization traffic.

4 stimulated expansion : the social basis of the flow , you can continue to heat this topic , increase related news , if the social base of the flow is large enough , and " to be shared ," the intention is very high , there is a wave of traffic may form explosive trend.

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