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No matter what site to search engine optimization is a big advantage , but do not use the wrong way to do it , here are a few more effect search engine optimization methods.
1 , maintain updated
To carry out search engine optimization , then you need to regularly update the content of the site , which helps search engine spiders to crawl , so get a good ranking. The reason for the update , because the site is updated regularly than those who rarely or occasionally update the site easier to get updates like a spider .
2 , set up the site map
Set up a site map to help search engine spiders to index your pages. Site map or navigation bar , allowing the spider to other pages on a site search . Even a small website , launched a site map , it will also greatly improve your site's search engine ranking , making the site easier to navigate.
3 , keyword
Users performing a search, all the relevant keywords to help search , so you can set keywords for search engine optimization. Settings include keywords as well as common misspellings that can help you to optimize the spider was crawling to prepare the user can be displayed when searching .
4 , content is king
To carry out search engine optimization , remember that content is king . To know the contents of spiders are crawling the site, but also the contents of the user to browse the site , so be sure to pay attention to the quality of site content and originality .

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