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With the development of computer technology and network technology , e-commerce leaps and bounds, so that made ​​noteworthy achievements , but also the achievements of a number of companies such as Taobao excellent e-commerce businesses . In the current e-commerce business volume conducted an unprecedented increase of business website search module also proposed new requirements for e-commerce sites for this optimization seo Guangzhou discussion . E-commerce in internet network technology as the basis, on the site full description of goods , contributed to the formation of trading behavior . High dependence on databases of e-commerce , business can be done in real life can not be objective , but also reduces the cost of doing business . Another advantage of e-commerce is to reduce to a great extent on the start-up costs , whether the company or individual , and only be able to use e-commerce platform , can engage in e-commerce. By this, advances in e-commerce in the moment , the number of e-commerce merchants and buyers network , more and more e-commerce search engines are increasingly high requirements .

A website promotion
a, e-commerce structure
With the continuous development of e-commerce , e-commerce business model evolved several : B2B mode ; C2C mode ; C2B mode. B2B e-commerce model is by individual sellers of goods sold to individual buyers platform phenomenon, which is currently the most popular e-commerce business model, the current e-commerce is the most outstanding Alibaba Group 's Taobao , in the B2B field high achievements . C2C model is company-level sellers and buyers through e-commerce transaction model , Alibaba Alibaba Group subsidiary will specialize in C2C, mainly used for large transactions and corporate -class customer operations. C2B is a company-wide e-commerce platform by the seller to the buyer of the sale of goods act in Taobao Mall is C2B operating mode .

b, Guangzhou seo optimization
Web search engines can be a wealth of information on the Internet to collect and organize , then search structures available to users , divided into information gathering stage, finishing stage and inquiries stage. General e-commerce sites are using a dedicated server with the database system development , and language technology (php language , java language, etc. ) relevant to the needs and network protocol technology (tcp / ip technology, etc. ) . Our e-commerce platform can be divided into the back-end database module , an intermediate application layer client server modules and application modules of three parts.
c, database
The current e-commerce system for database systems increasingly high demand , many companies (sun company , AB companies, etc. ) are committed to the database research field of electronic commerce , and database design generally in accordance with a client-server system came. E-commerce businesses need to be able to use the appropriate database ( the database can be accessed through the network ) in the network environment , the powerful nature of the operation Simple, operational reliability. In addition , e-commerce is very broad coverage , you need a variety of computer operating system platforms (linux, windows, unix , etc. ) can be used , but also to be able to function on the interface for different programming languages ​​, provide the appropriate API interface. In addition, database systems generally use core -threaded, multi -threaded mode, can support multiple CPU hardware.

2 optimization measures
a, the degree of static pages
Use static pages of web search engine is very beneficial , can increase the probability of the site being searched , but also conducive to the site keyword seniority . Static pages for database resources are relatively low cost . The need for dynamic web data query the database before you can return the appropriate data, and static pages on consuming compared to the much longer time , and modify the database will reduce crawl accuracy, will affect the electronic website platform.
b, create a brand landing pages
Professional brand landing pages allows customers to easily find the electricity supplier of products, thereby reducing the occurrence of search behavior , saving valuable resources, on the whole very beneficial faster .
c, using iframe
Iframe conducted using the corresponding copy operations , and manage e-commerce site in the browser , I can achieve a reasonable allocation of system resources , enhance the stability of the system.
d, optimize tag
Selected industry terminology is very important in the current e-commerce has its own characteristics. In China, familiar with online shopping , e-commerce shopping crowds are young people , familiar with computer technology and network technology , the product selection is also more selective than the older generation , commodity expertise , stability , trendy and other requirements high. If the inappropriate choice of industry terminology , the customer will feel this electricity supplier boss ( under B2B mode, C2B model is the electricity supplier itself ) low professionalism, the quality of the goods sold will have doubts . If you choose the correct industry terminology , we can procure purchasers for the business to generate a feeling of trust . To highlight the personalized selection of tag, customers browse the electronic site, generally corresponding tag operation. Electricity providers to conduct personalized tag work for self-employed category of goods , this can enhance the customer 's impression of power . In addition , a variety of personalized tag will virtually enhance tag rankings.
e, link optimization
Link optimization is the system working , good link optimization to optimize the performance of search engines. Link optimization is the first link URL optimization , URL , including keyword , if the depth of the site more than four , the search engines will not be included . Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the search terms in website design , try not to over four . In addition , to ensure that the specific goods arrive Home operands as little as possible , to try to put all the merchandise category pages and the corresponding subdirectory. We from the SEO point of view, we must focus on the home page and section pages to reality underlying the product cycle , so as to take full advantage of the many resources show a limited number of products. To use an appropriate title for all of the text , so convenient to be able to search engines more information . In Linkjuce regard , to ensure that each page has the same Linkjuice. In the actual electricity supplier operating process, many web pages are not SEO value ( or that the lower the value of SEO ) , we have targeted restrictions corresponding pages LinkJuice, so as to ensure proper access to valuable web links to resources. Links to optimize Another important aspect is the internal text link optimization , in conjunction with the actual electricity providers operate correctly define the extent of the electricity supplier website page position value , optimize text links , enabling search engines to search for possible high-value resources. In the navigation links site , in order to ensure that the site run faster , try to avoid using JAVASCIPT web crawler navigation structure is not conducive to improve the probability of the electricity supplier sites to be searched .
f, optimize content
An important aspect of web content optimization is to improve the electrical performance of the search engine 's website , the content will be more involved . In the keyword database optimization, product names described in terms of guarantees , content prices , the need for product attributes SEO keywords corresponding to create, in the words of creation, to fully respect the user's search habits , to be able to improve the probability of being searched . In the product description , the product description you want to be unique, in the present, many products are purchased from the electricity supplier factories . The factory products are the same, and large shipments , so you need to do as far as possible in the product description the sole to achieve product " unique technology ." Also, pay attention to the site 's own assessment of the relevant product .

g, optimize pictures
E-commerce , product images is very important, can be very intuitive display product information. Many electricity providers to use a lot of pictures on the website , but due to technical limitations , the current search engines are not able to make the appropriate image search , so we can optimize the picture only hope the picture on the link . In addition, electricity providers should pay attention to the quality of the picture, many of the images database and server will bring enormous pressure , to a reasonable selection of pictures, site speed and search results to ensure the same time, maximize image quality.
3 Conclusion
Electronic network swept the world, how a large number of electricity providers emerged as an important issue among electricity suppliers currently thinking , and search engine optimization e-commerce site to become one of the important methods to achieve stand out electricity supplier . Analyzes the principle of e-commerce sites , and then propose the appropriate search engine optimization methods.

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