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Search engine optimization (SEO-Search Engine Optimization) abbreviation refers to in order to get more free traffic from the search engines , and proper planning from the site structure, content building program , the user interactive communication , the angle of the page to make the site more suitable principles of conduct search engine searches .

Make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieve the principle is also known as search engine friendly , search engine friendly SEO can not only enhance the effect , but also improve the user experience , because the site so that the search engine will display the relevant information to the user to says more attractive. To illustrate what is search engine friendly website , take a look at search engine friendly website which features:

1 , extensive use of Web pages , such as images or Flash rich media (Rich Media) form , there is no text information can be retrieved , and SEO is the most basic SEO articles and pictures SEO;

2 , pages with no title or title does not contain valid keyword

3, the body of the page less effective keywords ( generally less than 2% -8% whole article )

4 , site navigation system allows search engines " read"

5 , a large number of dynamic pages so that search engines can not retrieve

6 , has not been offered other search engines have been indexed Web Links

7 , the site flooded with spam to deceive search engines , such as "transitional page " identical " doorway" pages , text color and background color

8 , the lack of original content , copying someone else's content , such as a hard copy .

Search engines are constantly changing principles , retrieve principle changes will directly lead to your site's ranking on search engine changes, so search engine optimization is not a once and for all .

About seo, defined as follows strict : seo refers to the basic understanding of natural search engine ranking mechanisms, internal and external to the site of the adjustment and optimization , improved website keywords rank in the search engines naturally , get more traffic , so as to achieve target marketing and brand building.

In the conscious level , we can image for SEO understood as follows: When a user enters a search engine , like entering a huge library. So in this library there are a lot of categories , the classification into large categories ( can be understood as bookshelves ) small class ( can be understood as shelves above lattice ) and specific to the smallest classification ( book content itself ) long tail keywords.

Are adding new content every day inside the library , then the emergence of a new website which is equivalent to a classification of a new book appears. So the title of the book and it corresponds to the order and Description TITLE site . But if "others" ( you can refer to the search engine ) into the library found in this book , though, is in this category or series of books , but the title of this book with some of the book 's title before exactly the same, so sure readers will misunderstand you are copying someone else's book . So although your site is new, but you can not just start to have a good ranking up . This seriously affects the future optimization.

Website optimization can help you improve the overall index pages , if your link has been improved, continue to maintain a high quality back links to increase the number and content maintenance , your left will continue to maintain or improve the ranking . Unless the way the late application of cheating punished or stopped late maintenance. The auction ads if stopped, it will instantly disappear web link .

More than 95 % of search engine users will be given priority given conventional search engine results , which most people only when the left will not be satisfied with the results to browse the ads on the right.

According to the survey , 87 % of Internet users are using search engines to find the information you need service , which is among the nearly 70% of searchers will find the information they need on the first page of search results directly to the natural ranking.

Limited advertising positions bid , bidding result that a large number of customers due to price reasons not ranked in the home , making it difficult to get a good part of the customer 's use of effects through the auction ad.

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