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What is frequently analysis?

That is the customer's domain name # . Established under the com *. #. Com all resolve to the same IP address up .

Such as customer design 1. #. Com will automatically resolve themselves into the #. Com up with an IP address .

What is " explain " the domain name it? That there is a clear shift in the domain name set . For example, DNS settings are as follows :

www. ***. cn->

bbs. ***. cn->

So, visit www. ***. Cn would normally go on, visit any other 3w. ***. Cn, as long as that "3w" not a BBS, then will go on

 what effect of frequently analysis?

1 allows unlimited domain support subdomain ( which is also the largest pan- domain analysis purposes ) .

2 . Prevent problems caused by user error input site can not be accessed .

Frequently analysis any adverse impact on SEO?

After the success of the frequently analysis can be manufactured in a short time a large number of secondary or tertiary domain domain name , which means you can make in a short time in the search engine included a large number of secondary or tertiary domain domain page , this way , included a significant increase in traffic to your site will also be able to bring a lot of traffic to the site .

Out of the question , the search engine is not a fool , a lot of duplicate content in different pages , search engines will not hesitate to make a determination as bi: Baidu will be down the right deal for all second-level domain under the domain name , the specific performance included or not included in very small quantities ( usually one ) of the second-level domain pages , while Google turned a blind eye to these two domain names directly .

How should we use frequently analysis?

1 , stop using the frequently analysis, two if you need to use the domain name , use the two domain names point to the appropriate directory ;

2, if the domain name  has been done for analysis , you can use the technology to make pages indexed by search engines such as jump to the next

Many times portal user experience using the pan for parsing user input mainly worried about the wrong two domain names to jump to the wrong page , actually stood SEO perspective, Pan detrimental to resolve on the site itself , it is highly likely causing the site to be judged as a bi fall from the sky right , so after we resolve it using the pan must be careful .

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