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The first: the market on the Internet is an infinite explore and open up markets , corporate website fancy which hides the tremendous business opportunities , in order to attract their potential customers to patronize the search engine on their site , to understand and purchase their products or services . Thus the need for a number of keyword optimization , to allow users to search through the search engines can see them priority sites , and thus bring benefits . This time companies need to recruit personnel related SEO optimization , while trying to attract sufficient business visits from search engines, to expand its brand awareness. This is also one of many large sites do search engine optimization purposes .

The second : Some Internet companies needs. Previous network company is mainly engaged in the construction site, planning and web design. Later, as the environment changes , website optimization and site promotion has started to become one of the few network 's core business , which also led to a lot of relevant personnel to learn website optimization techniques.

Third: website optimization by individual owners want to improve the site 's search engine ranking , so as to enhance website traffic, conduct money profit. Maybe the site optimization ranking also did not pay attention , a lot of friends in the station owners do not understand the beginning seo, maybe even ever heard . But after the line on a personal Web site , but found no traffic , this time only to find that the importance of website optimization rankings , so learning seo.

Fourth: the elimination of some of the negative news . There is peer -throat competition , there are accidents , less likely to appear on the Internet some of the negative news about the company name , keyword optimization ranking can provide customers with the shortest and best clear negative information services , of course, this is not as long as the master leading seo technology , but also need the resources accumulated extensive cooperation in the industry , providing customers with the shortest possible time , it is best to clear the negative effects of information services . This is a high-level object extends seo .

Fifth: web directory and the result is very important to be a part of website optimization . Excellent catalog arrangement makes him very easy to find your content , ranking naturally high , imagine , if you mess a lot of directory structure , directory name unintelligible , Baidu spider into your site as into the maze. There are many online free source code and CMS. Many owners are just looking for some way to start a website , in fact, there are many of these codes are the wrong place . For the latter part of website optimization is very unsatisfactory . So it is best to find someone to own a website . Or buy a website source . And the structure of the site to be reasonable job.

In fact , the final part of the server and the domain name should be the choice , like a person's name, China has an old saying : give the child a better to give the child a gold arts , arts better than giving a child a gift of the child , sufficient to explain the call importance. Choose a domain name website . First, you must choose a good domain name , the best choice . Com and . Individual weights did not feel right cn . Com is good, make sure the domain name is easy to remember , and has not been punished search engines . Also choose a good server , the server if your site appears where the problem often led to problems can not browse the site appears frequently . Then your site will be greatly affected . Ranking will be difficult to upgrade . So select the server is very important part .

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