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Web design, and sometimes can not just take into account aesthetics . Not for the pursuit of beauty, and the use of a lot of very fancy design. SEO work is not just related to the site structure, internal site links , site content , keywords deployment work .

SEO web design is carried out need to participate in a link .

Most of the company's programmers, web designers in the design of the page , just consider the functionality of the program , beautiful pages. Spent a lot of technology , a web final volume reached hundreds of K, and HTML code so that search engine spiders are not very easy to read.

For the HTML code , SEO needs requirements:

1 pages volume as small as possible , can be less 1K less 1K.

2 JS code with a little less .

3 Do not put important content of the framework program component. On the contrary, the non- important content into the framework , JS inside.

Search engine spiders came through on the page HTML code information . But the search engine spiders is not so intelligent that we imagine , for example : FLASH document capture, image , JS, frames, etc. These techniques , search engine spiders processing capability is not very good .

SEO optimization code , mainly to clean out some spiders can not read or do not easily read HTML or programming code.

SEO web design requirements for :

A layout of the site content module: By focusing on the content of the site , prioritized after treatment . Search engine spiders can be the first step to catch important information , which can significantly improve the site's SEO results .

2 User experience design Web pages : the user experience , the English called user experience, abbreviated as UE, or UX. User experience design plays an important role in web design refers to all experience when a user visits a Web site . Their impressions and feelings , if successful , enjoy , whether want to come back / use . Teng Sheng corporate website building service is based on a combination of SEO and user experience website building programs.

3 Organization of content : website content organization also need to combine web design. Mainly lies in the content of each module zoning .

Teng Sheng Friendly reminder : SEO work related to: web design, program modifications , server maintenance , content editing team , etc., which are the foundation of SEO. Designing a new website , the best is a combination of what SEO. This can make a better website on the search engine 's performance.

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