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First, you must draw the former station site layout sketch

What ? Website SEO is also related things ? On the right , that's it ! As a qualified SEO, site layout must learn to draw a sketch . Why? Because the layout of the site for SEO impact is quite large , Baidu from the current situation, the importance of the internal website optimization even far more than the importance of the chain . So, in the station at least we have to make a sketch of the layout of the three sites , a page layout is a sketch , a list of page layout sketches , a content page layout sketch.

Second, the line on the site after the first start adding content

Check a website such as empty , I do not think users are willing to stay a long time on this site . Here the site is divided into two categories, one is a newer site , a class of non newer sites. Newer sites are mainly some kind of information sites , such as news sites , SEO blog and so on. Non newer sites most typical representative of the main corporate website. For newer sites , pre- ready content source must begin late to maintain a stable good update frequency . For non newer sites , such as enterprise stations , pre the product , profiles, contact information added after the completion of the line late in the launch of a new product line is added together . If companies have to update the station , then it must stress that the strategy of many companies currently online sites into a misunderstanding, that is a lot of industry news updates . In fact, Xi SEO think there can be any one of the users come to our site to read industry news , let alone produce after reading the news that we deal with , industry news will greatly increase the site's bounce rate . Then we can understand and record the user needs most is what , the main source of these elements is our customer service staff , as well as data website statistics tool , the content will be organized into articles , send to our website, these be user-generated content is valuable , an update to fix the problem , and secondly, it reduces the bounce rate .

Third, the chain 's more into the mid-

Site outside the chain, for Baidu , the role is not to say useless, but the role is increasingly smaller role for Google outside the chain is still relatively obvious. Note here that the chain must be stable update , not in fits and starts. Also, if it is done forum signature , then, to note that , if it is issued new stickers , it should pay attention to , and forum topics remain relevant . If Huitie , it should be careful not to return some of the example: . " Learn " , " support of the landlord ," "top number " and other such nonsense reply , the reply is likely to be considered spam links Baidu , there ! another effect of the first to say no , is likely to be punished Baidu .

There is do we do outside the chain outside the chain of record sheet . This has two advantages , one is to help us count the number of the chain , one is to help us to identify whether it is a platform outside the chain of high quality platform. I put the chain platform is divided into three grades ABC , A file is that we publish a new post within 1 day can be included , and this is the best platform for the chain . B refers to the file can be included within a week , this second. C files are those that are included within a month the chain platform , this platform outside the chain of relatively poor . More than a month is not included in the chain platform , we can discard it.

Fourth, the latter is more into the soft paper

Soft, in the SEO work is a top priority , especially for Baidu SEO , the effect is quite obvious. In website optimization to a certain stage , it is necessary to begin running a soft paper . Some friends said he could not write soft how to do ? Here are a few solutions, the first method is through repeated practice gradually make their writing ability with soft paper , the second method is to increase the soft paper writers in the team , the third method is relatively simple , and that is spend money on hiring who helped us to prepare and put in soft paper .

Five , SEO process to build reputation

How to build word of mouth what website it ? In fact, it is not difficult to say that we may have used tools . Products that use Baidu to build reputation system website. Because Baidu 's products are not particularly stable , because I will not say , with a link , then it is easy to be removed, this is likely to cause considerable loss of the chain , which the site is quite unfavorable. It can only be used to build a reputation system. We can use Baidu Encyclopedia , Baidu to know , first to write a Wikipedia entry , if they can not write , you can also ask people to write on his behalf . Access to our website every day for the two Baidu know , you can answer his own question , you can also ask friends to sign back . Question and answer it, we must pay attention to IP switching , preferably after use is completed, the account logged out.

The five points of a new station is the whole process of SEO . It is commonly used in SEO tidal five steps , I do not know if there are any omissions . Website SEO is actually more than just doing a ranking. If you want to rank more stable, higher conversion rates , it must be taken to avoid some risks. I hope this can confused newbie help friends now !

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