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Social media is great for users to participate in the new online media space , which has the following characteristics:

1. Participation

Social media people can actively contribute to stimulate interest and feedback , it blurs the line between media and audience

2 . Openness

Most social media are free to participate, they encourage people to comment , feedback and share information. Participation and use of social media content in virtually no barriers

3 communicative

Traditional media to adopt a " broadcast" the form, content spread by the media to the user , one-way flow. The advantage of social media , the spread between two-way media content and users , which formed a kind of exchange

4 . Dialogic

Traditional media to " broadcast" in the form of a one-way transfer the content to the audience . The social media is more is considered to have the characteristics of a two-way dialogue

5. Communities

In social media , people can quickly form a community , and content in photography, drama or political topics of common interest for the topic, adequate communication

6. Communicative

Most of the social media have a strong communicative , through links , will be integrated into a variety of media together .

 A variety of social media on the Internet can be divided into eight categories :

A social network , such as: NetEase Weibo , Tencent meager Sina blog

2 video -sharing networks , such as: Youku , potatoes

3 photo sharing networks, such as : Netease photo gallery , Flickr

4 entries cooperation networks, such as : Baidu Dictionary , yahoo baby fish

5 new knowledge -sharing networks , such as: Baidu, Sina love to ask

6 Selection of media content , such as: Baidu Encyclopedia , interactive encyclopedia , Wikipedia , and hearing , etc.,

7 business networks , such as: Sohu white society , Tencent Alumni

8 social bookmarking , such as: Tencent bookmarks, Baidu Bookmarks

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