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First, Have

Have a decent stall , the facade , the customer will touch the door, it is necessary to establish a company called reason . Most people believe that business is built on the matter on the basis of someone there , so you have to give the people you are by no means nothing, other than the first customers feel.

Second, Courage

The brave people do not scare anything . So, some people say the most successful adventure , where there are new products, new market , there are people who dare to try. Of course , there must be courageous plan . But must have courage and tactics,for most of the businessman who always against the danger situation it will be more benefit. Many times entrepreneurs will have courage and not fear , heart break the spirit of courage to write the word industry .

Third, stupid

Behind stupid tactic is fine except there is stupid . Stupid is just packaging practices. On the way to do business , the other keeps saying has not earned , to sell a large package , the benefits of the neighborhood , for the long-term fight , pitting the end of time , it may simply be hypocritical . The most successful salesman , looks likely to be a pig who handle incoming . Some shops all year round putting up posters declaring lose everything big sale , buy one get one big action , are using this strategy are fine except stupid .

Fourth, fast

The so-called fight sail cut cable, moon cake I sell first . In short, the business head to know how to drink soup . The practice of making money as fast , often seen in the trend of seasonal products in the business . However, for some of the innovative nature of the products , if introduced too early , it may not be synchronized , that is too fast , can not accept , such as fashion design will exist this problem.

Fifth, the letter

Letter has two meanings , the first is to emphasize the credit , and the second is to emphasize confidence. Pay attention to business reputation , business partners , banks , suppliers and consumer confidence is one of the valuable assets of commercial organizations . Credit is built up by a little bit of property , there are long-term development plan to entrepreneurs must not struggling , it is the oldest business ethics.

Six , playing

Many entrepreneurs sell special skills like put this gesture , such as commercial art designers , photographers, writers , musicians , artists are commonly called temper, it is difficult high personal packaging, that is, if you do not like , you can not buy , and sometimes really just step back , two steps forward sales practices .

Seven , with

Not everyone wants to pioneer , because the risk is very large, most people will follow suit to engage in what is popular to what , in short, trendy without losing money .

Eight , hardworking

Without doubt , hardworking entrepreneurs who must have a condition , especially in the early days , if not diligent , successful simply hopeless. But diligence is not a success and the whole reason . The so-called ground , not just the body to diligent , industrious head also , after all, only more brains , good at seizing opportunities for entrepreneurs , will venture a success.

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