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The late 1980s, I resigned from the university teacher positions , came to a small joint venture , did not do the three months, a major dispute with the general manager , angrily left the company . Everywhere I go I find a job that I did not fancy the enterprise , and therefore unemployed for three months. I often see my neighbor at home , would care to ask me: "Money teacher preparation today, also at home , did not go to work? " I can not answer , only prevarication prevarication in the past. Then , in my eyes , the day is gloomy , everyone looked at me with a disdainful , because I so incompetent, so unpromising .

One day, my close friends said to me: "He has relatives in Changzhou , opened a production of electronic welding machine company, products produced, sold the company now is not very difficult , you can sell it to help him out . ? "

I asked: "Is there a salary and marketing expenses? "

He replied: "No, the Days sales outstanding , at 5% of the sales revenue ."

Because I do not work, readily agreed . The next day, I was riding a broken bike and began going door to door visits, traveled to Shanghai dozens of associated manufacturers, only a corporate director willing to try , if used well, for the purchase of several units.

I convey this information to the company in Changzhou , all the staff are overjoyed . I was selling them Doukua experts , in just two weeks has such sales results . However , the company's financial accounts have been stretched, simply could not get transportation costs , I came up with only $ 500 in his own money as transportation costs , the product shipped to the plant .

To my surprise , the product is far from ideal conditions in the plant trial , product problems are many, the most important is the product technical indicators reach their requirements.

After the study, companies must invest to upgrade the existing product technology and testing equipment to be acquired for the factory 's products rigorous testing . The boss asked me: " willing to invest and become shareholders of the company boss ." I did not do a careful analysis , hastily decided to invest 200 million yuan. If you talk with his wife , and she certainly would not agree with my thoughts , only Huashan Road , borrowed money from friends , 10% annual interest .

But something unexpected happened again , in a pinch technological upgrading of products , the company only a technician must be resigned to another large enterprises to work. We bought the testing equipment , no technical personnel to operate , it is equal to a pile of scrap metal. We have no money to hired a senior technical staff , with predictable results .

Finally, the collapse of the company , a total loss of 300,000 . I have a sieve of 20 thousand yuan of investment , nothing can not be recovered . Really house seemingly endless rain , the money borrowed from a friend has expired , the time to repay the debt . I cornered showdown only to his wife . Wife of ten years of tears the family savings to give me five thousand yuan debt, temporarily solve the problem. After that, our family ate the meal, I do not know the next meal money come from , over a dark day.

Later, I was fortunate to enter the United States , Johnson & Johnson , always live frugally , spent more than two years time to pay off debt.

A profound introspection

1 personal experience

In their own business before , the best company to work for several years to advanced , to experience how a business is run , and how employees are dedicated and responsible . An advanced company must have its own unique core values, which is the core management tools to guide the staff thought. If a person has no special talent , it is difficult to understand from literally the other core values. And I'm in the business , I simply do not understand what is the core values. Staff like a mess , companies once encountered difficulties , we are not together to find ways to overcome the difficulties , but the mutual blame , pass the buck, finally broke easily , companies eventually will inevitably collapse.

In fifteen years of management consulting career, on the core values ​​also studied fifteen years , formed a relatively complete system , including the following:

Core values ​​taken from the essence of traditional Chinese culture.

In the " Zhuangzi Human World" in Zhuangzi said : "Where the cross , almost certainly with Mi to the letter , much of it certainly loyal to the words ." This is the concept of corporate integrity .

In the " Book of Changes" , saying: " the poor are changed , change the pass, General long ." This is a business innovation concept .

In "Yueyang Tower ", the Fan Chung-yen said: " the world 's first concern and worry, after the world and music ." This is the concept of corporate giving .

In the " Han Feizi ", the Han Confucius said: " Force lost to the public, not the substance Chile , its use one , it is better to use one country ." This is a business team concept .

Simple expressions are core values ​​: integrity, innovation , dedication , teamwork . Deduced Customer is the first major resource , the staff is the second-largest corporate philosophy of resources .

I have planned and carried out more than a dozen companies , the full range of its introduction this system , no one succeeded. I have to do for the hundreds of companies or training seminars , in addition to Haier, a Chinese enterprise has no sound core values ​​, and there should be attributed mainly to our entrepreneurs.

Throughout the world , the famous multinational companies , which do not have their own core values ​​? Them why , after a hundred years , there is so exuberant vitality? This is the business of his soul , his spirit play a key role .

So, before business, you have to ask yourself , do you have the core values ​​of the enterprise it?

2 meet the market demand

Modern marketing theory is that the whole concept of the product contains the core product , tangible products , additional products and psychological product of four levels .

Core products are also known as substantive product , when consumers buy a product means the pursuit of the interests of the customers really want to buy something , and thus the overall product concept is the most basic , the most important part. Consumers to buy a product , not to possess or acquire the product itself , but in order to get the utility to meet a need or interest .

Tangible product is in the form of core products in order to achieve , namely market entities and service image. If the product is a tangible physical objects , which manifests itself in the quality of products , the appearance of features, style , brand names and packaging on the market. Basic utility products must only be achieved through a specific form . Marketers should first focus on the customer to buy the product when the pursuit of interests , in order to better meet customer needs perfectly , from this point to go to seek benefits can be realized in the form of product design . Mainly refers to the physical characteristics of the product quality, style , features, packaging. Such as refrigerators, refrigerator tangible products not only refers to the cooling function , but also the quality , shape , color, capacity, etc.

Additional products are additional services and benefits when customers buy tangible products obtained , including the provision of information, free shipping , warranty, installation, service and so on. Additional products from concept to market needs in-depth understanding. Because the purchaser's purpose is to satisfy a demand , because they want to get and to meet the needs of all concerned .

Psychological product refers to the product brand and image to provide psychological satisfaction to customers . Consumer spending is often the physiological and psychological process of combining consumption , as people 's living standards improve , people's brand and image is becoming increasingly important , because it is also an important part of the overall concept of the product .

Many young entrepreneurs , because there is a unique product concept from that . Modern society has the knowledge economy and society , a unique product concept is almost non-existent. Chinese are so many clever head all day thinking , and how we can think of a unique product concept and turn it into reality?

A way that no one in the walk, there may be two reasons: a far-reaching enough to own eyes , thorough enough , you do not see the front wander figure ; two rocky road , it is difficult to walk , take the people are dead . As young entrepreneurs , you might encourage their own , because they are stupid people dead , and he is smart, as long as they have a strong determination to go all out to overcome the obstacles on the road ahead , we will be able to succeed. Certainly commendable courage and determination , but we do not underestimate the sacrifice in front of entrepreneurs , they may be more wisdom than you , more talented , more courage and determination. Careful analysis of the reasons for their sacrifice , accept their profound lessons from which to find your way . Where is this road ? This road is not a core product, but the other three product levels , ie products, additional products and mental products.

Contemporary social competition is not what happened at all company products, but occurs in what their products can provide additional benefits ( such as packaging, services, advertising , customer advice, financing , delivery , warehousing and value with other forms ) .

3 . Ability and funds

Contemporary society , SMEs operating efficiency is relatively low, credit is generally not high . Since SMEs operating a smaller scale, backward technology , it is difficult to adapt to market demands and constantly update the increasingly fierce market competition, business risk increases, the original advantages of SMEs have gradually lost , increasing the loss-making enterprises . Under these circumstances, the risk investors or banks, their myth is , and believe that the majority of non- state-owned small and medium enterprises , SMEs less skeptical . For small and medium entrepreneurs , this skepticism is more obvious.

In the entrepreneurial process , procure sufficient entrepreneurial venture capital is a key step . And for small and medium entrepreneurs, venture financing has become difficult process problems to be solved first . People's Bank of China in 2007 , according to the organization in some provinces and the commercial banks, financial institutions, lending support to SMEs conducted two surveys , despite the financial institutions lending to SMEs possession rate has now reached 50%, but still harsh loan conditions exists to solve financing problems of SMEs take some time.

In this case , we should be financing order : his savings , his wife dowry , the parents hard-earned money , relatives and friends good friends money , and only then venture capital funds or bank loans. If they are afraid to dedicate a project , how likely to succeed ?

His life is thrown into his own venture , the first not to be able to calculate how much profit a few years be able to recover the investment , but to think of all the losses out of investment , we can survive it? At that time, I just do not have this concept, the results have three dark life ah ! Therefore, we must leave the money to survive , when the venture failed, can survive , so have the opportunity to make a comeback .

4 core technology

Throughout the world the success of the enterprise , in the early days , entrepreneurs have mastered the core technology of the project. From the human perspective, entrepreneurship initial success , relatives and friends are gathered around you, enjoy the results of the project together , once the project encountered difficulties, especially financial ones , in addition to your parents , everyone, including your wife will leave you away. When you are faced with empty company , to know human nature too late. Contemporary society , the vast majority of all mortal beings can do the same sweet, but can not be a total pain .

I recall that , if I mastered the core technology of electronic welding machine , capable of upgrading product technology , manufacturing products that meet the requirements of the manufacturers , because the technician did not get two months' salary to resign and leave, resulting in business failures tragic consequences.

5 Core Team

The core team is the soul of the company's early days . The core team is a community of close friends or relatives of the composition of the early days of the Community rational use of the knowledge and skills of each member to work together to solve problems and achieve common goals.

The core team has several important components , summed 5P

1 goal (Purpose). The core team should have a set goal for the team members navigate , know where to go , no goal team on the value does not exist .

2 person (People). People constitute the core strength team . Three or more people could constitute the core team.

3 Team positioning (Place). The core team is in what position in the enterprise , and decide who to select team members , the team who is responsible for the final deal with the team in what way motivate subordinates ?

4 . Permissions (Power). Among the core team leader with the right size of the stages of team development related , in general, more mature team , right leaders have corresponding smaller in the early stages of the leadership team development is relatively concentrated .

5 Plan (Plan). Program has two levels: first, to achieve the ultimate goal , requires a series of specific action plans can be understood as a specific work program planned targets . Second, according to plan in advance can ensure the smooth progress of the team . Only under the scheme will be one step closer to the operations team goal , the ultimate goal .

If no team with shared values ​​, the courage to take responsibility, the courage to reflect on mistakes, overcoming all obstacles on entrepreneurs bumpy road , determination and ability to overcome difficulties , to entrepreneurial success is a fantasy . Therefore, before a business, you have to consider carefully , do you have a considerable charisma to gather excellent talent, there is not enough money to pay their salaries, they have the ability to form an efficient and caring core team .

6. Relationships

Contemporary society , we have 15% of the business is to rely on knowledge, and 85 percent rely on relationships.

Product sales problems, check the relevant government departments to the company financial accounts , loans to the bank to fight , we need superb art of public relations , anyone able to fulfill the tasks within the company , you have to go and solve . And these things are related to your ability in this area.

How to establish a good relationship with the people it ? Interpersonal communication is the most important part of it is to pass emotion between people, process approach , facts, beliefs and ideas . Good communication refers to a two-way communication process, not one person in your speech , howling at the moon , or the other side monologue , but listen carefully what the other says ? Want to know what the other side ? Each other feel? , And his own the idea to give back to each other.

Communication process itself may be due to the characteristics of the communicator or communication caused by misinterpretation , so between sender and receiver must send a message through continuous feedback , to clarify whether the two sides agreed to receive and understand . I am 20 years career , creating relationships Discipline , as follows :

First, for any disagreement or even objections must first part is certainly the other view, be patient , look for opportunities to re-use the case to deny the other point of view , or data , so that the other willingly accept your point of view.

Second , good standing in the perspective of the other issues , the situation fully understand each other , understanding, the two sides can narrow the psychological distance quickly . This is the golden rule of relationships - Do unto others , do not impose on others.

Third, the patience to listen to other views , and constantly cleverly asked the question , explore other true thoughts , carefully looking for the two sides have in common , and then use his ideas to convince each other.

Fourth , to find other advantages and strengths , from time to time with the appropriate language to praise each other, which is the world's best gift.

Fifth, carefully looking at each other like , go all out to learn, and then match up, he quickly became close friends , we are convinced that any difficulties will be solved. This is the Platinum Rule relationships - who 's friend , in your bosom .

Second, Conclusion

Currently, it is entrepreneurial opportunity. Policy is relaxed , relaxing media , in front of an unprecedented opportunity to lead the call , so many college students are sharpening smugly ready to start , even if the early setbacks due to a variety of reasons , are unwilling silence is brewing hardships, regroup .

Now the media are always doing positive publicity , to encourage students to start their own businesses , to solve our employment problems, improve risk awareness and innovation capability of the Chinese nation , which is very important. For example, in some media reports, many Chinese private enterprises, such as Wahaha 's Zong , Gensheng Qingchunbao of West Germany 's Hu memory, Chint Nan cunhui so on. Previously they did not read many books , but it can lead to where the business belongs to the dominant industry . With their own courage and boldness , regardless of personal interest gains and losses, backs against the wall and eventually successful career aspirations , creating brilliant.

However , Do not you see , more than 95 % of the entrepreneurs are in failure , and some even go bankrupt , ruin and death , blood and tears of those very few cases reported in the media.

Entrepreneurship and contemporary society is quite different 20 years ago , the market competition is more fierce , the entrepreneur 's personal requirements are very high . One wishes to get on entrepreneurial success , we must do the positive and negative aspects of in-depth thinking, be sure to use systems theory in depth study of the entire project , focusing on eight aspects of emotional intelligence practitioners , namely Thanksgiving , confident, curious , intentions, self-control, interpersonal , communication skills , cooperation, courage and confidence to face setbacks and difficulties entrepreneurial process , so as to reach the other side of victory .

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