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First, not enough money

Many business people expressed the desire , in fact, he does not like to work, just because money is not enough , it did not go into business . Mr. Wei , general manager of a training center , said it was just an excuse not dare venture . He said his computer training at the start , then it 's only a 486 second-hand computers , and is located on the seventh floor in a private house to start a business career. If you say the start-up capital , not all add up to 3,000 yuan. Be ready to sacrifice themselves , do not give up less than successful . Years of hard work down, not just computer replacement , but also to their own little known in the industry , the fixed assets of more than one million . He used to say was : " If entrepreneurs do not need too much money too much money , it does not matter the venture . ."

Second, the project is not a sure win

Together with a well-known website has conducted a survey on entrepreneurship psychological problems , the results from the feedback of view, there are more than 80% of respondents said that if the project does not lose money , preferring their own work, do not go blindly venture . But the general manager of Victoria Tsang said the U.S. advertising design company , make and do not make just a relative concept . He cited an example. Real estate is almost the most profitable industry is recognized , in this field , operating a successful real estate company less than 30 %. Because the project does not make money? Absolutely not! Because of a lack of ways to earn money . Therefore, he suggested that if you want to entrepreneurial success , do not care about the project over good and bad , and to wonder whether he is interested in this industry , like this project . If you have these two basic conditions , a good way to add clever means of soil can be changed to gold.

Third, not full of confidence

Confidence is the key to success . Some people can expect in the business, always feel lack of confidence , the opposite is more doubt whether they have the ability to manage project risk . In such a negative attitude role , opportunities and luck will pass. A direct selling industry Chen said , because of "pyramid schemes " , China's direct selling market has been scorching , war swirling . Be your own brand on the full research agency , considers reasonable and lawful , in favor of greater opposition to friends and relatives , and still come up with " nothing ventured , nothing gained " courage dry up . Two years of wind and rain , and he evolved from a wholesale outlet to five annual revenues are more than one million . He said in an interview , said: "In the current situation of China's direct , to have one hundred percent certainty of success certainly did not just do their own daring than others , dare to try to do it, really successful ? ! ."

Fourth, no successful experience

Continue to explore and experience from the set of tired, absolutely no one is born to know everything , what will be . This plain truth almost everyone everything. When entrepreneurs may face , there is a considerable number of people in this area noontime . Mr. Ji is now the owner of a shoe Group assets Yuyi . He said that when it comes to entrepreneurial experience: "Ten years ago , I began to get involved in sports shoes at the time , I did not know the scale of today will just think , everyone must wear shoes , the world is so big , the market should not be . small . " so , do yourself loans shoe . Starting from the bottom , OEM, walking to see , learning by doing , day set monthly tired that he did give a layman to become experts in this field. He do not agree , " said the experience " , that it is the entrepreneur 's shackled , cowards and losers is the reason .

Fifth, intense competition

"To say the competition , in this society , no single line which industry without competition . Available because of the competition , only to make faster business development , social development will be diversified , but if you want to get entrepreneurial success in calm day , perhaps only dreams only exist . " engaged in consultancy services in Hong Jin Zou , president of the media company said . He believes that entrepreneurs must be baptized into the social wave . Only they knew that they had to compete with rivals gap, lack of their own market . He admitted that he engaged in consultancy services , people eat this bowl of rice , already more than the hairs . A computer will be able to work a cell phone thing already known. Cohabitation is a true portrayal of the current consulting industry. Because they always adhere to the "Only fine only , professional dedication ," the operation, and in the face of intense competition in the industry or consulting services firm foothold and win customers favor.

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