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Entrepreneurship is changing the status of the poor living now consider the purpose , but the challenges and pressures faced by the poor entrepreneurs is also great, did not have a lot of problems can be solved , money is the biggest problem , and the poor have the advantage of entrepreneurship , as long as the master principles and techniques can also be a rich, successful entrepreneurs .

Three poor entrepreneurial law :

Rule 1 , to avoid vicious competition

The entrepreneurial process , whether you are rich or poor , are present in the industry , competition is inevitable, but how clever competition , so that their advantage in the competition, while in the case of money not Jisi peers is very important , which requires the entrepreneur must be calm , can not be cut-throat competition , vicious competition , including price , etc. It is commonly used means wealthy , under the premise of no solid economic foundation must be cautious.

Rule 2 , business tactics

That is the problem of locating the crowd , as the poor, in fact, more like to know what the poor , several advantages are the most important, so be sure to choose to do poor business, after all, the proportion of the world's wealthy still little difficult on the surface of the poor business in fact, to do the best , the poor see the world less on product quality and style too picky , so long as they understand the needs of business is still doing well .

Rule 3 , learn to borrow money

Venture capital in the entire entrepreneurial process seem so important, is not missing something , and some people suffer no venture capital and do not know how to start, people actually venture capital adequacy is very small, just to know how to borrow money is the most important . So poor entrepreneurs must learn to borrow money.

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