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First, why should a business?

Everyone has different entrepreneurial drive . That's entrepreneurial drive , the engine is facing difficulties .

1 , to make money?

Although mercenary is particularly needed to abandon , but also a way of life entrepreneurship , earn to spend at the individual , institutional, the family has been true.

If you are not making money , then safely be professional managers or technical workers , How nice ah ! But if you are to make money, then how can choose from their own group where those profiteers out of it ? Seems that only the latter is consistent with after the first return on investment , and more investment principles of multi returns. So admit that he is to make money and entrepreneurship is also a rare courage , the courage to make you more realistic decisions in the future .

2 , freedom?

You can say that they are to assume greater responsibility to obtain the freedom of not being bundle .

You in product development, build a platform to market their products and to get a small profit , you are free? Every day if you need to update equipment needs , rent utilities , finance and taxation , " mother " needs RBI employees salaries , insurance, labor and social security benefits, etc. you need to pay every month needs to investors, tax department , or even family loved loved submit financial reports, you have the freedom to get up yet ?

Entrepreneurship is definitely not plug in the wings , but to rock , not to see how much has free and easy , but gradually achieve " insist Aoyama do not relax ," the state , the willpower , the positioning of the milestones achieved in the angle has been true.

3, the dream?

Dreams tend to be entrepreneurial impulse , but not enough to support entrepreneurial dream , or even a negative effect.

Everyone has a dream , but the dream is the need to invest real money , and those who have real money , you do not need a dream , but your dream course brought him in return. And still in the cold and hunger in your own , do not take over the Dayton Dayton , living beyond the stage of it , how can we make sure that others interests?

Successful entrepreneurs do not want to realize their dream of the founders , but to someone else's dream with its own docking with the conversion , once made ​​entrepreneurial decisions , you need to put your dreams give way to someone else 's dream , the dream of everyone's attention to the formation of dream Team ; put investor 's dream in mind , investors will get the favor ; psychological moment thinking about the market demand gradually closer to dig their own values ​​; help channel with the upstream vendors to realize their dreams , to be able to let you integrated into the industry chain more resources . So the more insignificant your own dreams , often more able to be close to success.

4, the social value achieved?

You have to realize what kind of social value ?

Social values ​​and social nature of state and government have to do it, you do it, not only breaks against , but also thankless , because the level of investment in the original scale and private institutions can not afford, let alone the strength of weak, self-care Shangqie too busy entrepreneurial firms it ! everything you put in Huadu did not even have water , not to mention the rolling waves . And even if you really lucky to make some movement , some people say you do not worry about up to no good in politics and public opinion right ?

The so-called " State of the weapon can not show people ," regardless of the Salt and Iron Age of Empires , or finance and equity capital in modern society , are not private or non-governmental organizations want to do you can do.

Second, who want you to start a business?

Entrepreneurship is often originated in the heart of the restless , everyone has restless impulse, that impulse of passion , it is the flame , as Ma said , " short-lived passion is worthless , long passion is to make money the " passion in order to be maintained, so that the fire continued to burn down venture , you need to find and use reasonable force entrepreneurs who want your foundation is to distinguish who want you to entrepreneurship.

1, the family?

Wife from the family line and seal shade son, the mark of the annals of perspective, to become entrepreneurs hero is naturally make people feel proud of the closest , but it is often misunderstood . Prior to succeed, you do not know " where breakfast tomorrow ," when , when you have repeatedly squandered the money can be borrowed light , and then toward them by the hand , do not they will continue to make generous , continue tolerant wait the payoff you put it?

The more close to the people , the more people want their peace and not worried about what ups and downs of fortune or misfortune of people , such as parents want their children almost invariably able to live a stable , is not very much hope that their children can become, and eventually imminent calamity .

2, the school?

The successful completion of Bill Gates who is proud , but entrepreneurs are often not trained in the school , the school trained or just folks treasurer , professional managers of each layer , and not develop a successful business home, especially entrepreneurs.

Which school do not like to appear as the school has not graduated Jobs, Bill Gates and the like on the first students to start their own business , any school originally professionalism in the students , so that they become professionals, rather than the person calling the shots in the team . Companies need more market of talent, people who are good at Bluff , rather than single-minded experiment technicians. Even if they become Bill Gates, also a student in the alternative models, rather than the right way.

3 , and now the boss?

Although iron barracks folks , but folks speech numbers , the treasurer is also generally do not stop, after all, an apprentice who can do too much, never a steady stream of folks are trying to do , in addition to rich people can not be delayed . Go to the new firm also allows both sides to make the bulk of business. This is the value of mobility .

4 , my colleagues?

Any colleagues hope to see you live on their own , at least in his career, he can not pose a threat , or after he lost his current job , can one more posterior ; So you live on their own to go into business colleagues , gross from the heart happy. Even really want to get the existing spare time, by helping you earned some of the extra money.

But the fact is , that even if the count was on the cheap , it still accounts for less good ; After all, regardless of their own , or your own , do not want the previous owner knew he secretly work for you . Once unmasked, always let you between the former owner and " forged a certain distance" increasingly difficult to explain.

5 , the neighbors do ?

It is more insignificant it. Are entrepreneurs you have anything to do with them ? They are concerned about your business, in addition to some more talk of gossip , the fear is that until the time he encountered difficult to break through the bottleneck of funds , the object can be more than one borrower , or in the education of their children designate one more typical positive or negative .

Therefore, the support from the entrepreneurial passion often misunderstood , you have everyone you think will support entrepreneurship around , eventually can not expect them to help you , then who are most likely to want you to do and be successful entrepreneurs ? This is that you should consider another a big problem. Even if found, but also need to follow the previously mentioned , weakening their dreams , you realize that entrepreneurship is in someone else's dream. Whether you venture partner , markets, industrial chain links, or investors.

Third, entrepreneurs need to have what conditions ?

In the following conditions are not available or do not know where to go from before , do not move entrepreneurial idea, even if already have , but also make their own short board filled , the excellent condition has become the dominant form of development , will be a hit even in the winning situation .

A project ?

Mature project is pioneering the core conditions necessary because you need to give yourself a clear positioning, let your efforts to get recognition , you need to find a clear target customers, and you have to let others demand , or even dependent . That may be a product of an enhanced function or a function to allow lower implementation costs and better results. On this basis , you need a clear and simple for people to say: What do you do you bring to others the existence of what kind of value you fill the current gaps in what the true meaning of this is the spread ? !

2 , the team ?

If you are just a person in combat , you will need to like the circus that wore 10 a plate and let them go on a smooth transfer of people, for their high standards and strict requirements , do not let anyone in the show when a plate fall break anymore . You need to always maintain a high level of vigilance , the energy evenly down, so you'll find it hard to move forward half a step . And, after you get the applause and cheers , they will want to climax soon after the end of the past , it is performing , rather than entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs need to enjoy the process , choose a way of life . Rather than under the aura of every pore and shortcomings are magnified to the extent of the mosaic .

3 , the channel ?

Channel construction is a long process.

If you do not own the channel was originally , then you need to find the channel. If you own a point , then you need to find the platform ; platform if that is not your own , you also need to build their own personal platform . So almost every shop should start their own shop, and from the show to commerce, from inventory management to customer management , to database management . You need to make a clear management processes , from information flow, logistics and cash flow from fuzzy customers, prospective customers to de facto customers, from those applicable to the user from being Recommend to actively Recommend her friends become new customers . Purchased from tentative to gradually increase the frequency of purchase from each purchase of a small number of high gold content to become a VIP customer, you need to be treated differently , and have the focus to go to treatment. Within one year from the courtesies to emotional ties to gifts and other ways to maintain with him between nodes from the greeting time to scene selection , these are the need to use their brains to think about .

All of these studies to improve the demand and resources is inevitable you grow up gradually accumulate .

4, the product ?

Product is very interesting .

You get the raw material , you need to be able to buy raw materials become disposable, or as a consumable and continue to purchase something , it is only processed on the basis of processing , you also need to be packaged , for example, with What kind of container , what the shape of the packaging ? has a unique design bags what ? beautifully simple packaging or packaging ? packaging , based on how we can improve their value ? appeal that is a problem, give yourself a unique position, targeting core audience and core audience for docking psychological needs , needs and resources must be easier to be accepted. Can be replaced with a competitor product ( service ) for comparison. You are simply doing Promotions gifts, tryouts , or gallantly as a commodity ? Still be added as a gift and emotional factors ? , Or as prizes and mentioned starting with relatively high cost ? Went on to become a symbol of the human configuration ? you can combine a single product or series of products ? If your product is the link between you and your customers , then this action after the completion of product sales , but also what kind of effort to continue the kind of patrons relationship ? increase in products between viscosity and accelerating the replacement ? function is to increase the viscosity or viscosity increase feelings ? , or constitute a culture , not continuing to use will fall behind ?

What you can control the conditions there ? What needs someone to provide ? Introduce someone will have to pay what price ? You afford it?

5 , the money ?

Money is often the core of the problem is the underlying problem , it is hard-pressed to make their own bottlenecks .

Entrepreneurship is the next to the sea , you have to carry enough supplies, and supplies the core is money .

You will find that , compared with the dream to be realized , you carry supplies is always difficult to break through the bottleneck.

When you are in someone else's available for your supplies you travel far ? Depot where you are ? Was at sea or shore ? Who will give you recharge ? How you conclude that he will give you recharge ? If he ultimately does not give you recharge how to do ? before if he supplies in place, how do you hang up ?

In addition to the three issues mentioned above , entrepreneurial decisions still need more problems.

Such as: Do you know how many you may have to die yet rival media cash flow luxury betrayal lose money exhausted spin around in jeopardy of being her mother ( competent authority ) beaten to death ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Another example : I know business hard , you will continue to choose to start a business or as much as possible on existing positions would later spend accumulate some things , such as money experience text collaborators potential customer base platform of your boss ? ? ? ? ? ? ? know, how would you ?

Also, for example : how to make your boss knows you not the thing in the lake , but also for your support in case he could not bear to you is gone, how do ? ?

The question to ask yourself before you venture , the more rational decisions made ; has a clear answer and the more lucid approach , the higher the probability of entrepreneurial success . Entrepreneurship is " open bow is no turning back ," since we continuing to invest time , money and effort , simply did not make it in before the decision " indecisive "  .

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