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You are looking for web designer to create a website for your business, but you do not have the basic knowledge about web design, how do you express your requirement of your company's website? Isn't it better if you know the basics of web design? With a little web design knowledge, you know the web design is charging you at a reasonable price and the web designer has to deliver the web design as per your requirement not his/her requirement. At the end of the day, that is your business's website not the web designer, you know your business better than the web designer and of course you know what your customers want, you do not expect your web designer knows your customers' needs.

Like print design, web design uses all the same elements. You need to explore the layout and space, choose colors and fonts, then put it all together in a format to deliver your message across your potential customers. To stand out from the competitors crowd, your company's website must be more unique and user-friendly than your competitors.

How do you know whether your web designer is professional or not? A professional web designer is a person who manages to ignore his personal likes and dislikes and creates the layout that satisfies and attracts the audience of the your future site. Web design principles are generally accepted, but eventually changing recommendations on how to create comfortable and user friendly website interface. While some of them may work for some project others may do no good. Your project’s niche and goals are the factors that all your work should be based on, so don’t disregard some basic concepts of marketing, psychology, art and search engine optimization.  

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